WeChat Web App for Desktop | Features and Steps on how to use the WeChat Web Version

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WeChat Web App Version for Desktop: is mainly for those who love the comfort and ease of use that comes with using a desktop or Laptop big screen. The percentage of WeChat web desktop users is still very much overwhelming, even though there are generally more mobile app users.

WeChat Web App for Desktop - Features and Steps on how to use the WeChat Web Version

With the WeChat web chrome feature, WeChat looks to get their desktop web users on board and up to speed. As a WeChat web user you can enjoy online chatting, buying and selling products, social media, and all other beautiful features. Over time, this will certainly boost the user base of the WeChat platform significantly.

Brief History of WeChat

WeChat as developed by Tencent in China is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service provider which was first released in January 2011. The app has since been made available on Android, iPhone, and Windows phone platforms. WeChat being owned by Tencent was just a simple instant messaging app before it got transformed into the full-fledged, well integrated social network that it has become in more recent times.

The scale of the WeChat app popularity including the web version for desktop and Laptop users is quite hard to convey. Approximately 1 billion monthly active users, and over 10 million official accounts were recorded as at the end of 2018.

On an average, WeChat users spend overs an hour in a day on the web and mobile app, making use of the various interesting services that are developed as an integral part of the day to day lifestyle in China.

WeChat Web App Desktop Version

For those who need and make use of the “WeChat work” feature, WeChat web is a very useful tool. With the WeChat web app version for desktop, WeChat work has been massively growing since its launch. Ever since it was launched, more and more people have been using the WeChat web on both desktop and laptop for their official works.

They can perform so many basic operations which are usually inconvenient to perform from smartphones and tablets. Such as; transfer of documents and files, upload of content, and some other various types of works.  There are also a lot of people who wish to perform multi-tasking with the WeChat web app.

While staying connected on the mobile app for messaging and social networking, they still want to be able to perform other operations on the WeChat web at the same time. This is why the WeChat web app version for Desktop and laptop users has been a positive development by the WeChat team, for better user experience.

Some basic features you can find on the WeChat Web

The Group chat Mentions feature: When so much is going on in a group, you can easily grab the attention of a particular person or even multiple persons who are in that group chat as well. You can easily do this by using the group chat mentions feature. When you use this feature, the person or group of persons that you mentioned will get special notifications.

Message Recall feature: The message recall feature is also enabled on the WeChat web version as well, since typos are not just limited to only smart phones. Although for this feature, only messages sent within the last 2 minutes can be unsent.

The File Sharing tool: You can instantly share documents and multimedia files with other WeChat users straight from your computer. Your friends can receive these documents whether they are on the WeChat web or mobile app, no matter the version.

The Image sharing tool: Things are easier to explain most times with images and graphs. This feature allows you to share a screenshot of you screen and point out certain areas of the image using some additional shapes and texts on the image sharing tool.

Other WeChat Web features

You can also forward messages received from a different user, and view sights from your contacts using this WeChat web for Windows app. Also, interactions on the desktop version can be viewed when you get on your mobile device as well. So you can have access to your conversations on your mobile app when you log off from your PC.

Different ways of getting connected to the WeChat Web App on Desktop

To Get connect to WeChat web on your Desktop or Laptop, there are just two ways to do this.

  1. WeChat for Web: The QR Code technology is what WeChat uses to allow users connect to the app online with your PC. In order to access the WeChat web platform from your browser, all you need to do is visit the website on https://www.wechat.com/.

All you have to do now, after visiting the above link, is to scan the QR code displayed on your PC with your WeChat mobile app on your smartphone. Once scanned successfully, the web version will be connected, as long as the smartphone remains connected to the internet.

  1. The Desktop App: On Windows PC, there is a dedicated Desktop App available for free online download. In this case, the user doesn’t have to scan QR code every time once the desktop app is installed. You can easily access the WeChat web version directly from the app after you’ve signed in your account on your desktop.

Complete Steps to follow to Access the WeChat Web Version

Just like WhatsApp, the WeChat web version needs that the users should be signed in on the mobile app. Although it can be a little tricky to access the web version, here are the steps involved.

  1. Visit the website on https://web.wechat.com/
  2. Start your WeChat mobile app on your smartphone
  3. On the top right corner in the app, click on the + sign icon and select “Scan QR code
  4. Using your mobile device, scan the QR code from the website as displayed on the screen
  5. Once successful scanning is completed, you will be logged in to your account. Do not forget to leave your WeChat mobile app connected online, to avoid disconnection on the desktop web version.

In Summary

You can share files and chat as you like on the WeChat web for Windows PC, just like you also do on the mobile app. A face-to-face chat or call with family and friends just can’t be replaced sometimes. That is why WeChat for Windows web version has introduced the Group voice and video calls feature, now available to use on your PC.

Your PC will generate a QR code to log you into your account once you download the WeChat web desktop app. Note that it is only on your very first login attempt that you will be asked to scan the QR code for the WeChat web app version. So go ahead and have fun using the WeChat web for Desktop and Laptop.

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