AliPay Account Sign up for Foreigners | How to Create AliPay Account | Make Payments with AliPay

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AliPay account sign up for foreigners: Create an AliPay account and be among the over 900 million users who make online payments with the platform. It is a third-party payment provider in China with a market share of almost 55% globally.

AliPay Account Sign up for Foreigners - How to Create AliPay Account - Make Payments with AliPay

Offering an AliPay payment method for your business will go a long way to encourage Chinese customers to patronize you.

But what exactly is AliPay? What does it take for foreigners to sign up and create an account on AliPay, even outside China? How do you make payments on the AliPay? Stay with me as I break things down for you.

What exactly is AliPay?

In Summary, AliPay is a mobile app for making online payments that helps foreigners in China and Chinese nationals to make cashless payments for goods and services. You can make payments for almost everything using the AliPay mobile payment app, ranging from paying utility bills to making purchases on an e-commerce website.

Some Basic features of the AliPay Mobile App

  • It works by letting you save your debit or credit card details in order to make online and in-store purchases at any time by just using your mobile device.
  • You can also use the mobile payment app to make payments for items in a store or market that offers in-person AliPay transactions; just the same way you would do with a debit or credit card.
  • It is a supper easy platform to use. All you need is the AliPay app, or a QR code to scan on your mobile device if you want to make payments on a desktop computer.
  • While the AliPay mobile app initially only had simplified and traditional Chinese language on it before, English language has been added to it recently as well. And now, this makes the app very useful for foreigners visiting China.

How to Sign up and create an AliPay Account

Step one – AliPay Account Sign up

  1. First you download the Alipay app. You can do so either by searching it on your app store, or visiting the website on
  2. Once that is done, you simply sign up using your phone number.

Step two – AliPay Account Sign up

  1. On the mobile app, open the section that reads “Me
  2. In the “Me” section, enter the “My Account: Cards, Membership” section
  3. Then click on the “Add Now” button next to “My Cards
  4. At this point, you are required to set a six digit payment password
  5. After setting the password, click on “Add Now” again
  6. This time you are to add your bank card number after entering the transaction password that you have set in number 4 above as requested
  7. Now, fill in your bank card details. Make sure you enter you name exactly as it is on your bank account statements, to avoid future complications.
  8. Enter your ID card details as requested:
    • For foreigners outside China – you are to select Passport as ID type.
    • For users in Hong Kong and Taiwan – You are to use home visit permit as ID type.
  9. Now enter the text message phone verification code sent to you as requested.

And that is it, you are done and your account is ready.

How to Make Payments through AliPay

Both online and in-store purchases payments options are available on the app, so you can easily pick any option that works fine for you.

Online Payment Option – AliPay Account Sign up

For this option, at checkout point, you simply select AliPay as your preferred payment method. This option however can only be found, if the online vendor you are shopping from accepts AliPay payments.

In-store Payment Option – AliPay Account Sign up

For this option, one way to go about it is by scanning the QR code of the vendor/merchant. After that, then you enter the payment amount and complete the payment as required. In most stores or business places, the QR code of the merchant is always placed next to the counter or tables.

The other way involves you the AliPay app user to present a code in the AliPay mobile app. The merchant can then scan this code and get payment instantly. This is a very fast and reliable method for areas with poor network service connection.

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