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Facebook Lite Free Download – Do you want a much smaller compressed Facebook app, that does not take up much space on your device? then you should download Facebook Lite app. Designed to work in areas with not-so-strong networks, the Facebook Lite app, has the capacity of functioning on much smaller devices than the normal Facebook app.

If you live in an area where the network is not so strong, and you don’t want to be separated from your Facebook account, you can simply download the Facebook lite app and still stay updated on what’s happening around the world, with your circle of friends and even with your family. You can use this official Facebook client, through a much lighter app, which is best suited for low power android devices, or ones with limited internet connection.

Download Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite Free Download, comes with the main Facebook features, even though it uses less data. It works well on all networks, including 2G. It is designed to use less RAM and CPU power also. Thus, you’ll get a smoother experience on a cheaper and less powerful phones. This amazing app, even works on older phones that are no longer supported by the regular app. The app uses a lot less data, by not downloading high resolution images or autoplaying videos. With this, you can save money if you are on a metered plan.

You can even have both the Facebook lite app and the regular app on your device as long as you have enough space to contain both. This can help you switch immediately, if you happen to find yourself in an area with slow internet connection. This will help you quickly make the switch, instead of having to download it all over again.


The Facebook lite app comes with numerous benefits, which makes it more appreciated by some Facebook users over the mother Facebook app. We will be mentioning some of the benefits, to see where app shines:

  • The Facebook lite app uses less data, and works well for free across all network conditions when you download it.
  • With only 1MB, you can download the app. Since the app is small, it downloads quickly, and uses less storage space.
  • Works well on 2G network. The app is designed to work on all networks, even with slow or unstable connections.
  • You can save money by using less data with this more efficient Facebook app.
  • Enjoy faster Facebook experience. Update photos, and see updates faster, with the fastest app.

Facebook Lite Free Download

It is simple to download and install the Facebook Lite app on your device:

  • From your device, open a functional web browser
  • Visit the Google Play Store
  • Search the official Facebook Lite app
  • Click on the download button
  • Read through the terms and conditions of the app
  • Click on the “Agree” button to proceed further
  • Allow the app to complete it’s download cycle.
  • Once the download is complete, click on the “Install” option, to have the app installed on your device.
  • After the app has been installed on your device, you can click open the app and sign in.
  • It’s that simple to download the Facebook lite app.

Since the Facebook lite app is designed to work on slow or unstable internet connections like 2G networks, or in rural areas with a bad signal, you can do well to download the Facebook Lite app for free, if you are in an area where the network is not so strong, or you have an android device which is not fully supported by the regular app. This will help you stay in tune with your Facebook friends any day and at any time.

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