Learn How to Make a Cake From Scratch

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A cake for a wedding or for home chewing, this is the best recipe that keeps the mouth busy with a lovely taste and gives you a reason to bake more. If How To make cake has ever been a challenge to you, then this article has made life so easy for you.

How To Make Cake

Recipe For Cake Making

First of all, we really need to know the essential recipes that we need. Before we go ahead to know How To make cake. Below is a list containing the recipes:

  1. 500g plain flour- Not self-raising or any other kind because of the baking powder that will b used
  2. 10 large eggs
  3. 500g butter- Not margarine or any other
  4. 400g granulated sugar– powdered sugar
  5. 2 tablespoons of baking powder
  6. 3 tablespoons of desired flavorings each- I love the vanilla Extract
  7. Alcohol or any other cake preservative including the ones that come in powdered form
  8. Browning
  9. Dry fruits

How To Make Cake -Tools Needed to make Cake

Now we know the recipes. We also need to know the tools needed, before we finally jump into the procedures involved.

  • An oven with heating capacity
  • Cake mixer
  • Kitchen scale
  • Sieve or shifter
  • Egg whisk
  • Bowls
  • Wooden spoon
  • Cake pan
  • A kitchen knife
  • As well, Your apron
  •   Flour

The job of the plain flour is to give you a proper measurement and taste of your cake. Using other kinds of flour might have other additives which can as well alter the taste of your cake.


Butter is preferable to margarine in terms of cakes. It gives it a good sight. Some people have their butter in various forms but u must be exact with its measurement.


Granulated sugar is used. If you want to reduce creaming time then you can as well reduce the crystal nature of the sugary fringing more but not to much using a good grinder. It improves the sweetness of the cake


The job of any flavouring is to add taste to your cake and also to improve the aroma which makes you have a convention that you have the cake recipe correctly


The Alcohol improves and preserves the cake.  It avoids it from getting spoilt due to the addition of several perishable foods such as the egg

Dry fruit

They make eating of cakes very interesting but can be used as raisins when soaked in alcohol preferably brandy.  They are used mainly for cakes that would go a long way before finishing e.g wedding and anniversary cakes.

Procedure on How To make cake

#Cream the butter and sugar together

If you are using a mixer, Please learn to adhere to the principles guiding the mixer on the manual to avoid cutting it’s life span. Cream till the butter and sugar are evenly mixed making sure you hardly hear the crystals of sugar while mixing. Treat the mixer like a blender in the sense that after 2mins of mixing, you allow to cool to keep the machine in shape. The mixture should be able to coat the back of a wooden spoon and drop slowly.

#Whisk the eggs

Into a clean bowl, break and whisk your egg properly.

#Add the eggs into the creamy sugar

Make sure your mixer can comfortably accommodate the contents of the cake to avoid pouring out or improper mixing. If not, you could turn into a larger bowl and mix with a wooden spoon.  The problem with this method is that it is time-consuming and requires you mixing in a particular direction to avoid trapping excess air causing holes on the cake. The secret of most special cakes is that this processes listed above are done night before the preparation of the cakes. Flavour is also added to it to give it a nice taste and smell. This is to enable your cake become softer and as well allow ingredients to mix properly.

#Prepare your baking pan

At this stage, you can prepare your baking pan by craning all the sides properly with your butter using fingers and add some flour into the already creamed pan, making sure it also touches all sides. The reason for the creaming is to create an ease while trying to remove the cake so as to avoid injuring it. Some cupcakes use cupcakes paper for this same reason to drive the smooth cake.

#Turn on your oven

Depending on the brand of oven and the manufacturer’s instructions, turn it to a temperature that would be suitable for baking. I usually use 150oc. This process is done to prepare it for baking. This makes heating of the cake easy in the sense it all parts heats at the same time, making the cake properly done.

#Pour all ingredients except the plain flour and baking powder.

At this stage, you can add your flavour, the preservative, and the dry fruit and stir in with the wooden spoon till everything is well stirred. Browning can be added if desired but mainly, it’s used in wedding and anniversary cake. This alters the cakes color and gives it another color different from the butter color.

#The plain flour and baking powder

In a clean bowl, add your plain flour and the baking powder properly sieved. Weevils grow in flour and must be sieved away to avoid food poisoning and to give you the finest of the flour and stir in the sieved flour with the wooden spoon into the creamed substance. This could be hectic and you might want to give up but keep Stirring but in a direction, because most cakes as earlier stated have holes after preparation.

#Pour your cake mix into the greased pan

Make sure it spreads everywhere using the wooden spoon and lift it up and down to avoid a slopping cake and also make sure you don’t fill the pan so much, or else your cake might rise to a level where it pours out of the pan into the oven thereby giving it an unusual shape. If you want to have a multicolored cake,  you can separate your cake mix into different clean bowls depending on the number of colors you want to use, then you put a little pinch or drop of the coloring depending on the quantity. Putting excess color can alter the color because just a little creates a lot of difference.

#Take the cake to the oven

Place it properly in the middle of the oven to allow evenly heat to be applied. For a bug cake, allow at least a minimum of 1 hour before opening the oven, while for a small cake, allow a minimum of 30mins. Opening the oven frequently can tamper with the cake when it’s ready. It also allows the escape of heat and allows entrance of cool air which you were preventing from the inset by preheating the oven before baking.

#After 1 hour, when am a bit sure that my cake is fine and ready and also is no longer rising, open the oven and use a kitchen knife and drive through the center of the cake and make sure that cake crumbs especially if wet don’t come in contact with the knife but if otherwise, remove the knife and close the oven to allow baking continue. You can also check by making sure that the sides of the cake are away a little from the pan. This check is important to avoid removing the cake and finding out its not done due to breakage or softening that is not normal to cakes.

# If these checks are successful, then you’re sure to remove the cake and also switch off the oven. Allow the cake to cool and decorate if desired.

For long time storage, it can be stored in a fridge to avoid spoiling even stressing the preservative.

Cakes are one thing the Earth can not do without especially when it comes to celebration. I know by now How To Make Cake must have been made. If there is any one around you looking for where to learn How To Make Cake, kindly refer to this article.

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