How To Cook Fried Rice – Fried Rice Recipe | Cook Easy Fried Rice

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Fried Rice – Rice is a carbohydrate food that is loved by almost everyone both big and small. It is a food eaten mainly by children and ladies who are trying to top their games. They understand what am saying. Rice is a very acceptable meal in the society at large.

fried rice

It is very easy to digest and convenient to carry or eat in any location or ceremony. It has different preparations and we would be discussing the fried rice.

Fried Rice Ingredients

Fried rice has a very calming color which creates an eager to be eaten. It makes the world look colorful in the sense that it has various colors in it. The ingredients are

  • The raw rice
  • Groundnut oil
  • The protein (liver, meat, chicken, turkey, etc.). The liver should be diced into small pieces before boiling
  • Seasoning (Maggi and salt)
  • Grinded crayfish and pepper
  • Sliced onion
  • Carrot, green beans, green pepper, spring onions, baked beans, green peas
  • Curry and thyme
  • Water
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To prepare the fried rice you need the tool listed below

  • Cooker, this could be a stove, gas or electric cooker
  • The cooking spoon preferably the wooden spoon
  • Kitchen knife
  • Chopping board
  • Sieve

How To Cook Fried Rice

There are several methods of preparing fried rice depending on different ethnic groups. Some deliberately fry the rice while others cook. I’ll be taking the most common method which is the boiling method

  • Boil the protein with salt, Maggi, onion, curry, thyme, and little water. Add them in appropriate quantity to give it proper taste

Hint: Use any of the methods in bruning. It brings out the taste of the chicken

  • During the above process, you can parboil your rice by first washing in clean cool water before putting in a boiling water on fire. Allow to boil till its almost soft, sieve and keep aside.
  • In an empty pot on fire, add groundnut oil with your sliced onion. Add part of the Grinded pepper, crayfish, green pepper, green beans, green peas, carrot, and spring onions and stir. Add your curry again.
  • Pour in your chicken stock as well as the chicken if it’s not going to be fried and stir. Add the Maggi and salt for taste and water if need be.
  • Pour in your rice and allow to soften by the chicken stock or add water and cover. Leave for 3 minutes and pour in the remaining of the pepper, crayfish green pepper, green beans, green peas, carrot as well as the baked beans to give the rice a fresh taste. Stir properly using the wooden spoon to avoid it burning making sure that the sauce doesn’t stay under the rice.
  • Once dried properly and softened, bring down the rice and serve with the fried chicken and a glass of any favorite drinks.

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