How To Cook Coconut Rice – Best Coconut Rice Recipe

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Coconut rice isn’t really prepared in the homes except at eateries and event places in the Nigeria as a country but it has a rally enticing aroma which makes you enjoy it like the coconut fruit. It can be served in buffet parties and other events.

Coconut Rice

This is one food a lot of people love to eat but preparation has been a challenge. That is the main reason why has not been a constant meal in the house. Secondly, just the name implies a lot of people feel it preparing it will take a lot of magic. Let me shock you, it is almost as simple as preparing your noodles. Preparing this rice is almost as easy preparing white rice. Let us shortly see what is involved.

Ingredient For Coconut Rice

As the name implies, you should be able to know the major recipe which is the

  • coconut (gotten from the grated coconut fruit) mixed with little hot water to drain out its taste and sieved
  • Raw rice
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Protein(chicken or meat)
  • Seasoning (Maggi, salt)
  • Grinded pepper and crayfish
  • groundnut oil
  • sliced onion, diced carrot, green pepper, and green peas.
  • Water

As soon as you have these recipes ready go ahead to get all the cooking tools

Tools For Coconut Rice Preparation

  • Cooking gas or stove
  • Sieve
  • Grater
  • Chopping board and kitchen knife
  • As well as your apron

If you have all these then you are good to go.

Coconut Rice – Cooking Time

Coconut rice is not a generally accepted food, so there are just very few steps used.

  • Wash your protein, and boil with salt, Maggi, little water and onion like the Brunning method to taste. Allow cooking for 10-15 minutes.
  • In a larger pot, parboil the rice with water after washing it in clean cool water and allow to boil for 15 minutes.
  • Sieve the rice and heat your groundnut oil in the hot pot on the cooker.
  • Add sliced onion, and chopped fresh tomatoes and allow to fry. Add your grinded pepper and crayfish and allow to fry also.
  • Boil your coconut milk for 5 minutes and add to the frying pot.
  • Add your stock, your cooked protein, your cleaned shrimps and your seasoning to taste
  • Add the parboiled rice and allow to cook for 5 minutes.
  • Garnish with carrot, green peas, green pepper, stir and allow to boil the rice without much heating to keep it a fresh taste.

Serve hot with any salad and fruit juice of your choice. Now you can enjoy your rice in the house anytime you feel like with thinking of going out to an eatery.

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