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Yahoo Mail Dark Mode – Most Recent devices have the dark mode integrated with their respective OS. Take the Android 10 and IOS 13 for instance, the latest OS version of Android and IOS respectively.

Both of these OS already have the dark mode in them, hence any device that operates on any of those OS can turn on dark mode at the system level.  

Every app and software has been updated and revamped to fit the designs of new devices specifically smartphones. The dark mode has been long anticipated by smartphone users and it gives me great pleasure to inform you of the Yahoo dark mode.

Yahoo mail dark mode

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About the Yahoo Mail Dark Mode

Yahoo mailing services are considered as one of the best mailing services worldwide, especially in the U.S and U.k. Although, there were times when using its services was not really advisable and users really rated its services and interface really poorly.

Yahoo pressed on these complaints and revived its services by releasing updates time and time again. It latest updates focus more on its looks and design, revamping its interface to look simpler.

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These updates changes and makes it interface more simpler to navigate, users could now move from one section of their mails to the other. To crown and finish up the updates, a dark mode to match the latest operating systems of new smartphones.

Like every other dark mode on other software, the Yahoo mail dark mode is quite enticing and remarkable. A dark background with texts in white and different varieties of colors like red, pink, blue, and so on.

How to Turn On Yahoo Mail Dark Mode

The interesting thing about the Yahoo mail dark mode is the fact that its available on smartphones and PC. This guide is going to put you through how to turn on dark mode on your PC/ desktop or IOS and Android device.

Sign Up for Yahoo Mail

Although I will also guide you on how to turn on Yahoo mail dark mode via a web browser, it’s easier to turn it on via Yahoo mobile app. The Yahoo mail app comes preinstalled in most devices especially PCs or desktops.

If you can’t find it on your device, do download the Yahoo mail app from your device’s app store.

Turn On Yahoo Mail Dark Mode Via App

  1. Open the yahoo mail app on your device and sign in to your yahoo mail account.
  2. On the next page, locate the Gear icon at the bottom and click on it.
  3. Next, there will be a pop-up page where you will have to choose “Personalisation” or “Themes”. Any one of the options you come across.
  4. If you clicked on “Personalisation”, you would have to select “Themes” on the next page.
  5. Under the “Themes and Colours” tab, click on the “Dark Mode” option just below “Light Mode”.
  6. In the “Colours” tab, specify the color you want the texts to be in. immediately you are done, the new dark mode design will take effect.

Turn On Yahoo Mail Dark Mode Via Web Browser

If you access your yahoo mail account via a web browser, this guide was specially carved out for you.

  1. Visit the Yahoo mail website,, and sign in to your account.
  2. On your account page where your mails are arranged, click on the “Gear” icon at the top right corner.
  3. On the pop-up page with different themes and colors option, look down a little and tap on “Dark”.
  4. Next, choose the theme which is dark the most to properly turn on dark mode on your Yahoo mail account. Once you do this, the background of your Yahoo mail app will turn dark or to the theme you selected.

Basically, to turn on dark mode on Yahoo mail via a web browser, you have to change the theme and background. There are a lot of themes that you could choose from, select anyone to make it your yahoo mail account interface background.


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