What do I do if My Amazon Package Never Arrived?

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What do I dO if My Amazon Package Never Arrived? – Your Amazon package never arrived, am so sorry about that, do not get too worried, there are a few things you could do. Amazon is the most visited shopping site in the world evidence of its quality.

But as good as it is, it is also operated by humans which brings limitations and mistakes. Hence, it is possible to order some things from Amazon and then your package never arrived due to one reason or the other.

Don’t get fed up, angry, or tired of using Amazon. Switching to another online shopping site won’t change what happened and won’t certainly stop it from happening again.

what do i do if my amazon package never arrived

There are a lot of Amazon alternatives you could switch to just to avoid these kinds of situations, but that isn’t the fix. Switching to another online shopping site doesn’t mean you won’t get in the same situation(s).

What you need is a permanent fix, and that’s what this guide is all about. What do I do if my amazon package never arrived?

Tips On What to Do

Let’s start with the craziest situation that could make you not find your amazon package;

Amazon Item Delivered Online But Never Arrived

This is actually the worst that could happen, what can you do about it?

  • If you bought from a third party seller on Amazon, contact the seller and confirm the order has been shipped and delivered on his side.
  • Check the delivery address you filled.
  • Check around if your package has been delivered before and you never knew about it.
  • For the last tip, Amazon advises that in this kind of situation, you wait 36 hours before contacting them about it. Sometimes orders show delivered online but haven’t been delivered yet.

Your Package Hasn’t Been Shipped Yet

This is rather very simple to deal with. If your package was bought from a third-party seller, contact the seller and ask why your package hasn’t been shipped.

Since Amazon has a pay on delivery policy, cancel the order if the seller is rather unbothered about the whole situation.

You could also contact Amazon about the whole situation and explain to them what is going on. There are a lot of plausible reasons why your amazon package has not been shipped yet.

Having a Hard time With a Third-Party Amazon Seller Or Retailer

It’s very possible for anyone to have issues with one or two seller(s) on Amazon as a buyer and it’s also very easy to resolve it. Firstly, try to resolve the issue amicably with the seller, contact the seller, and be as calm as you can about whatever is going on.

If the seller insists on being such a pain, its time to contact Amazon about it. You could also make A – to – Z Guarantee claim which is more like filing a case against the seller.

How to Contact Amazon About an Order.

On your Amazon account page, go to the help section. Under the “Help” section, select “Browse Help Topics”> “Need More Help”.

Next, select “Contact Us” and choose the order you are having issues with. Under the “Select an Issue” section, choose the one that best describes what is happening.

Proceed to follow Amazon’s prompt until you get an option to communicate directly to an Amazon agent. You could do this via a call, email messaging, or live instant chatting, I’d advise you to choose the Call option.


If you experience constant and different kinds of situations when purchasing items on Amazon, it’s probably because you purchase items whose delivery is not on Amazon. It is better and safer to buy products that are “Fulfilled by Amazon”. Hence the shipping, delivery, and condition of your package is on Amazon.

When purchasing any item on Amazon, especially if the seller is not Amazon, just look beside the seller name or tag and check for the “Fulfilled by Amazon” inscription.

Also, it is very important that you purchase all products under the category of electronics and machinery directly from Amazon.


Amazon Package Never Arrived

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