What is the Difference Between Microsoft 365 and Office 365?

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What is the Difference Between Microsoft 365 and Office 365? This has been one question that has been asked by a lot of people from time probably because of the very similar names they have. Some might even confuse them as being the same as there is almost no difference with their names.

Although they are both from the same company there is a fine line of difference between them. This article is going to enlist the difference between the two in a very basic way with some examples.

what is the difference between microsoft 365 and office 365?

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is more like a Microsoft bundle with some of Microsoft’s products including Office 365. It includes quite a lot of products from Microsoft depending on the plan you choose.

Microsoft 365 which was released towards the ending of 2017 has about 8 different plans. Whose prices start at $20 per month per user. The Microsoft 365 bundles combine the efficiency of Office 365 with the sleekness of Windows.

When using Microsoft 365, you get different plans for small, medium, or large businesses, schools, organizations, and personal use. With services like Microsoft advanced threat analytics and information protection and compliance, Microsoft 365 is not just the best for you but the most secure.

What is Office 365?

Unlike Microsoft 365 which offers almost everything, Office 365 just offers basic Microsoft products like Excel, Word, OneDrive, and so on. It was released in June 2011 and also works on subscriptions.

Think of this as a smaller version of Microsoft 365. It does not offer the Windows 10 and protection that Microsoft 365 does. Office 365 is the perfect plan for personal use and small businesses not looking to spend a lot on bundles and Microsoft 365 products.

Microsoft 365 vs Office 365

This comparison is hardly competition and if you understand the concept between these two services, you won’t really bring this up as a topic. Microsoft 365 is a higher, more advanced level of Office 365.

There is hardly any product in Office 365 not in Microsoft 365 and there are lots of products in Microsoft 365 not in Office 365.

 For instance, with the Microsoft Enterprise E3 plan, you get the same products in the Office 365 Enterprise E3, Windows 10 Enterprise and lots of security/protection products.

Microsoft 365 is not just all about desktop apps and products like Office 365, it also about management and protection.

Basically, Microsoft 365 is the full package, it brings everything you will need to one point or place. Hence you don’t need to start opening apps or different services here and there or worry about protecting or backing up your saved files. This will increase your work efficiency as a business or a person.

Office 365 might not have all the plans, although it also offers cloud-based services. But its plans are just perfect for growing and small businesses.

Earlier this year, Microsoft also renamed some Office 365 business plans, Microsoft 365. This emphasizes the fact that most Office 365 available plans are for personal use.

In conclusion, yes, one has more features than the other but doesn’t make one better to use than the other. Your choice should be based on what you want to use either of the two for and your price range for plans.


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