Walmart Layaway Online 2021 | Walmart Layaway Online Account

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A layaway is a form of making payment or deposit to secure for later purchase. This simply means instead of paying for an item after you receive it as is often the case with credit cards, you can make layaway payments before you receive your purchased item.

Walmart Layaway Online 2021

Now coming to Walmart’s online store, the Walmart layaway is available in stores during the holiday season. But I think this year’s layaway would be much different from that of others.

Definitely, you can still get your items and pay them off but from the look of things there will be a slightly different model of operation so let’s quickly run through it.

How does Walmart Layaway work?

  • If you’re wanting to buy your items in store, you need to first go to and see if you will qualify for the amount you’re expecting to spend.  It doesn’t hurt your credit score to have this checked, but it may affect your credit if you sign up and complete a loan through affirm.
  • If you are approved, you will pick your payment plan.  This may vary from 3 – 24 months and you will likely be charged interest.    We definitely don’t advocate going into debt for Christmas, so if you can save for Christmas other ways, definitely use those!
  • Next, you’ll need to pick out your items in store, take them to the checkout, and then scan the barcode that Affirm provided you.  You will need to make all of your payments online or through the Affirm app on your phone.

Can you do Walmart layaway online

It’s not possible for customers to do the Walmart layaway online. Walmart only offers its layaway plan for purchases made in stores. However, you can try out Affirm, which is an alternative to layaway and offered at Walmart. It lets you pay for online and in-store purchases over time, but interest applies.

Pay for Walmart layaway online

I think Walmart is making plans or has already made plans for the payment method for this year’s layaway.  From my research, Walmart would be making use of ‘Affirm Instalment Financing’.

Affirm is a financing alternative to credit cards and other credit payment products. With this new option, customers are offered real-time financing for online purchases that can be paid in fixed monthly payments over three, six, or twelve months.

All items in the cart must be eligible for Affirm installment financing for the option to appear in checkout. Guest orders, Groceries, gift cards, Wireless, Everyday Living items, and most Marketplace items are not eligible to be paid for with Affirm at this time.

 Walmart Layaway online items

Here are the items that are available on the Walmart layaway

  • Electronics (without service plans)
  • Toys
  • Small Appliances
  • Large Furniture
  • Auto Electronics
  • Sporting Goods (select items)
  • Jewelry
  • Infant Toys
  • Infant Furniture

Walmart Layaway Online Account

Quickly click here to create a Walmart account for yourself or if you already have an account, just put in your login details to access your account.


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