The most effective method to Back Up iPhone Contacts To Google Account

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Your iPhone will naturally save your contacts to the default record of your Apple telephone. In case this is as of now set up as your Google account, every one of your contacts should as of now be saved to it. On the off chance that your default account isn’t your Google account, follow the means underneath to enact this alternative. Prior to continuing with the means beneath, ensure you are endorsed in to Gmail.

The most effective method to Back Up iPhone Contacts To Google Account
  • Open your phone settings
  • Tap on ‘contacts’
  • Find your Gmail account and click on it
  • Enable the contact toggle
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Since you have set up Gmail as the spot to match up your iPhone contacts, they will be consequently saved there

How to back up iPhone contacts to a Google account by means of Google Drive

This is an elective strategy for clients who don’t need their contacts to be consequently moved to their Google account. You can download the Google Drive application on your iPhone and use it to back up your contact rundown to your Google account.

  • Download and open your Google drive
  • Click on the Google Drive logo 
  • Tap on settings and then click backup (ensure your contact option is set to back up Google contacts)
  • Click ‘start Backup
  • Tap ‘OK’ to give access to the app and your backup will begin immediately

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