How to hide Google Meet totally from Gmail

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Google meet has been of a great help to many people since the lunch.  it is helping people to connect for a digital meetings around the globe. Google launched this service when people needed such platforms in the middle of the lockdown due to Coronavirus

it contends and fills the need of video gathering alongside different administrations like MS Teams or zoom meeting. Be that as it may, you can get Google Meet on your Gmail account as a choice to straightforwardly utilize it for video gatherings. You don’t have to go to the site to benefit the administrations to call anybody.

How to hide Google Meet totally from Gmail

In any case, the thing is you can generally have the alternative in your Gmail talk to tap it for use. In the event that your work doesn’t need the Google Meet element or you utilize another stage for video calling then it may pester you all when you see it while utilizing Gmail.

Presently on the off chance that I advise you not to utilize Gmail by any stretch of the imagination, can you do it? Hellfire no. Regardless of whether you have another E-mail administration to get to your mail obligations, overlooking Gmail is a hard game, frankly.

A similar component can be seen in Gmail for iOS and Android clients as they needn’t bother with a download to get to the assistance of Google Meet.

Hide Google Meet totally from Gmail

Utilize the underneath referenced strides to shroud the Google Meet from Gmail to keep away from the narrow mindedness of watching it constantly. Android and iOS clients additionally conceal it assuming they need.

  • Go to your Gmail account via a login.
  • Then click on the settings from the top of the screen.
  • Select all settings from it.
  • From there opt-out for the Chat and meet
  • There you can see the Hide the Meet section in the main menu. Enable it to hide the Google Meet.
  • Save the changes you made in it or else it will still be there to see

Later on if you need it for video calling then you can use the same pattern we shared here to unhide the option very easily.

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