MoneyGram Online | Using MoneyGram to Send Money Online | How Does MoneyGram work?

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With MoneyGram online, you can send money quickly to someone who needs money as soon as possible. In this write up, you’ll learn how to send money using the MoneyGram online platform, just so you can transfer money to a loved one within a short time.

Using the MoneyGram Online Platform

To use the MoneyGram online platform, please note the following:

MoneyGram Online
  • You or your recipient don’t need to set up an account, though, transfers within the U.S must be taken up in cash, at a physical MoneyGram location.
  • Most countries will accept direct deposit to debit cards or bank accounts.
  • You may use either your credit card or bank account to fund your payment, although each option attracts different fees.

How to Send Money Using the MoneyGram Online Platform?

  • Find out from your recipient where they would love to pick up their money. Use the locations page on the MoneyGram website to locate the most convenient location for your family member or friend.
  • Fill out your City, Address, or Zip Code in the Locations Page search box.
  • Select the store that can be located easily and has hours that fit your recipient’s timeframe.
  • Visit the “Estimate Rates” link displayed on the main page and fill out the amount of money you want to send. This will help you to know what your transfer fee will be. Take note of exchange rates especially if you’re sending money internationally also take note that some credit cards will charge you a cash advance fee if used to send money.
  • Fill out your recipient’s first and last name, with their country. If sending money in the U.S., fill out their state of residence.
  • Next, click on “Start Sending Money Now.” Please note that you can create an account, sign in, or send as a visitor. If you transferring money internationally, take the steps as they appear.
  • Choose the method of payment delivery. In the U.S., the “Cash” option is selected by default. International payments will be able to choose from a number of payment option, depending on what forms of delivery are allowed.
  • Fill out the payment amount. If you’re sending money internationally, the exchange rate will be automatically calculated for you. You will get to see exactly how much your recipient will get. Ensure that the full amount will not overdraw your credit card or bank account.
  • Check to see if you will get a confirmatory email. Pay attention to details on this receipt, such as the amount of money you sent, recipient information, and payment fees as this will help you manage your accounts.

How to Cancel A Transaction on The MoneyGram Online Platform?

You can still cancel a transaction on the MoneyGram online platform, so long as the money has not been received. You will need to visit the MoneyGram website and do the following:

  • Sign into their website, that is if you have a MoneyGram account
  • Next, look for the details of the transaction in your Transaction History. You will see the option to cancel.
  • If you don’t have an account, make use the “Track a Transfer” tool to locate the payment and to cancel it on the “Transaction Details” page.

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