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MoneyGram Online – Can you transfer money online?, Yes, with the aid of online money transfer services like MoneyGram, Transferwise, and many others. You can choose to transfer money offline or online with MoneyGram provided you have a simple smartphone or a laptop device.

Going through this blogpost, you’ll learn about MoneyGram and how to send money online with MoneyGram. Stay tuned and don’t swipe off this page.

MoneyGram Online

MoneyGram is a money transfer service that allows money transfer savvy to send money abroad. The service offers three simple ways to send money, they include;

  • Online at
  • MoneyGram mobile app.
  • In-store at MoneyGram retail store locations.


  • MoneyGram is available at about 8000 branches worldwide.
  • Money transfer arrives in just few minutes to the recipients.
  • Money can be transferred directly to a bank account anytime
  • Offers money transfer services.
  • Has over 350,000 store locations worldwide.

Although MoneyGram online is a fast way to transfer money abroad, there are other things you should take note of, they are;

  • MoneyGram online transfer fees and exchange rates are quite high.
  • You can not transfer money with just your credit or debit card details. You’ll likely need a bank account details to be able to transfer money.
  • Unlike other money transfer companies, you can’t keep track of your transfer status when you use MoneyGram online.

MoneyGram fees vary depending on where you are sending the money to, how much you are sending, and your payment method. The fees are typically lower if you pay with a U.S. bank account.

Transfer money online with MoneyGram

To transfer money abroad using MoneyGram online, you’ll need a few information like; your contact info, ID for proof, recipient info, and your payment methods.

Follow the steps below to transfer money using MoneyGram online service;

  • Head on to
  • Login to your MoneyGram account.
  • Enter your recipients bank details.
  • Choose your transfer amount.
  • Select a payment method.
  • Verify your ID.
  • Click submit.

Note; you must have a MoneyGram online account before you can think of sending money with MoneyGram online transfer.

If you don’t have a MoneyGram account, follow the steps below to do so;

  • Visit MoneyGram online site.
  • Click the sign up button.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Choose a password.
  • Select whether you want to get SMS or email notifications.
  • Enter your personal details.
  • Click create profile.

Your MoneyGram account will be created, you can now use the service to transfer money abroad via online. For most countries, you can send up to $10000 per online transfer, and up to $10000 every 30days.

Money transfer services like MoneyGram online can be a live saver when it comes to transferring money abroad.

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