Life Hack | 10 Life Hacks You Never Knew Of

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Get to know some very interesting lines and ways of life that you’ve never seen or heard of before, No 10 will blow your mind. The term Life Hack speaks for itself. A hack is an act of gaining unauthorized access, unknown access, or backway access to something in my terms. In Oxford dictionary terms, a hack is defined as the process of “secretly” finding a way.

Life Hack on the same hand is the process of hacking how things are supposed to be to get a better and faster result. More like a trick or skill people pull to create a new shortcut to some events, work, material, process, or anything.

This term was coined in 2004 by a Journalist named Danny O’ Brien to describe the shortcut IT professionals took to get their work done. According to the Journalist, it was rather “embarrassing”

The term gained more prominence among people especially in the year 2005, and in 2011 it officially became a word. There are a lot of life hacks, so much that if we knew about, they could greatly improve our thinking and way of life. Backing up the line in bold, if you follow the MacGyver television series, I am sure you will have an idea of what am talking about.

life hack

The efficiency and productivity of any human being working or carrying out any activity greatly depends on how that person is able to make that work easier and faster. These Lifehacks ideas I am about to share with you were created by someone like me and you.

All you have to do is figure out a way of doing something less stressful and easier; no kind of idea is midget or negligible as long as it works efficiently.

Some Life Hack Lines You Never Knew Existed

  1. Battery Bouncing: Bounce a battery from over 5-7 inches on a table to check if they are good. If it gives a good bounce once and falls immediately, that’s a good battery. But if it bounces around more often than once, it’s definitely bad.
  2. Microwave Space Issue: You’ve got to heat two dishes speedily and your microwave is a little bit small. Put a glass cup or glass container standing on the first dish so the second dish could balance on the top of the glass container. For the final step, put it that way into the microwave
  3. Confirm which earbud of a phone earpiece goes into each ear of yours by coloring them differently. i.e Left earbud colored blue, right colored white, any which way as long as you can always remember the colors.
  4. Light up the room with your smartphone light under a bottle of water.
  5. This is a classic. Your Bucket won’t fit in the Sink? Use a dustpan or a house parker to fill the bucket up. Put the dustpan’s mouth at the tap’s end so its handle will be at the sink’s end. Then place your bucket directly under the dustpan’s handle. Put on your tap and watch little engineering work magic.
  6. Cool your drinks faster: Put your drink into a large bowl of water mixed with some ice and add some salt.
  7. Tired of having cords littering your house. Take out empty tissue paper rolls and place the cords wrapped in them. To complete this one, take a box or an empty carton and put the tissue paper rolls with your cords in them into the empty box or carton.
  8. A way to keep your Computer System from Falling Asleep; Stick your wristwatch’s face under its mouse.
  9. Want to watch a movie or something on your Phone and you are looking to stand it: Compress an empty can drink container in the middle, so the front and back pop-up. The phone should fit just in the middle.
  10. A. Put a wooden spoon across your pot to stop its content from boiling over.
    B. Tie your Charger to your Car or room keys to never forget it again. This trick is useful especially when lodging in a hotel.


  • Wash your Blender without Stress: pour in soap, water, and then close. Turn it on and let the machine do the work, turn it off, rinse and you are done.
  • Turn on your Car’s seat warmer to keep pizza hot while driving.
  • Don’t want your Dog touching something which he/she likes touching. Put it in his/her Cage.
  • Multiplying large numbers lesser than 100 on your head..i.e 90 x 91.
    Subtract each number from 100 i.e 100 – 90=10add and 100 – 91=9.
     Add the answers, 10+9=19, and subtract from 100 i.e 100 – 19=“81”.
    Multiply the subtracted numbers i.e 10 x 9=“90”. There you have it, your answer, 8190.
  • Tight Shoes, stretch them by stuffing each shoe with wet newspapers. Put them in the shoe compactly and remove them when the shoe dries.

That is all on life hacks from me, you must bear with me, it’s a very interesting topic. So many tricks, so many options, all you need is a strange situation and an out of the box thinking style.

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