Is The Wish App Legit? | Can You Trust Wish Shopping App?

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Is The Wish App Legit? – Trust this anywhere you hear it, the Wish app is Legit and safe to download to your device. On second thought the price range we get for products on the Wish platform can lead us to think it’s not.

If you’ve used the Wish app before or its website, am sure you would be amazed by the prices of things you see there. You could literally get a 50%-90% discount on product prices on this online shopping network and those kinds of discount rates can be a little bit creepy at times.

is the wish app legit

I think the main question should be “Is Shopping on the Wish App Risky?” As for safe, legit, and secure, Wish has all those qualities. You can be rest assured, the Wish app is not a fraud, scam, or some sort of online money or information swindler.

More About the Wish App                                              

The wish app can be downloaded from your device app store (Android and IOS), also on Windows devices. That’s more than enough proof that it is legit and safe to use. The only tip-off about downloading the app comes in when you read its reviews.

This app was basically the most downloaded app in 2018. 2019 saw the same progress as it started competing with the likes of e-Bay and Amazon as the most downloaded shopping app in the U.S.

This app is a zone that connects sellers to willing buyers like a marketplace. As a buyer on this app, you can purchase items, track purchased items, review sellers, earn reward points and if you’re lucky become very popular.

Features Of The Wish App that Makes People Thinks it’s a Fraud

The Wish app like any other e-commerce app is definitely safe and legit. But some of its features apparently makes it looks disturbing. Firstly, the prices of the products on wish are ridiculously low.

You could basically get a $100 watch for $40 here and that sounds too good to be true. But it could be actually true. Wish is more of a marketplace app than a shopping app. This means it just connects merchants or sellers to buyers.

Hence, the prices you get here are directly from sellers. Plus most sellers on Wish are not professionals or merchants, they are just ordinary people looking to get one or two unused kinds of stuff off their list.

This is why you could purchase something on the Wish app and get it delivered to you only to discover it’s not really what you hoped for. Returning it won’t do any better, because the seller might just be as bad as the package you received.

Wish App and Cards

Wish does not really interfere in the transactions between buyers and sellers on its platform apart from the payments. One of the only things Wish handles in the daily commerce that goes on is the payment process.

We both know Wish won’t be stealing your money or using your card details against you. That would definitely ruin their reputation. So it’s relatively safe to shop on the wish app using your credit or debit cards.


Generally, the Wish app is legal and not a scam apart from some of the activities that go on there. To avoid some of these activities, make sure to go through the reviews of a product’s seller before buying the product on the Wish app.

Also, purchasing on Wish requires a lot of patience especially when your order(s) are going to be shipped. Its customer service is just as poor. You can only get an effective response from Wish while contacting them from the Wish app.

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