Is Lyft Cheaper Than Uber? | Uber vs Lyft Which is Cheaper

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Is Lyft Cheaper Than Uber – This guide is not the regular Lyft vs Uber article where we’d pick all qualities that make both services good and poor. Instead, we’d be contemplating whose services are standard and at the same time reasonable when it comes to rates.

There is a saying that nothing good comes cheap but if you play your cards right, you will get a lot of good things cheaply. Both Uber and Lyft are solutions to fast transportation, both offering high-quality services.

is lyft cheaper than uber

More About Lyft

Lyft is the second largest ridesharing company in the U.S, just after Uber. Created in 2012, it offers car rides, food delivery services, scooters rides, and bicycle rides.

It operates in more than 600 cities in the U.S and 12 in Canada. Lyft generally has had a lot of problems with its services and has also had some strange reviews from users.

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Both transport systems have a mobile app where you’d have to create an account. This way, you can book rides and pay from them easily

More About Uber

Uber doesn’t just operate in the U.S where it originates from. It operates in over 60 different countries worldwide. Created in 2009, Uber is the largest ride-sharing company in the world.

With over 100 million users worldwide, this transportation service is regarded as one of the best and most recognized.

Merely by accessing how well recognized both services are, one could easily conclude that Lyft should be cheaper than Uber. I mean, Uber already has a strong user base from the number of years it has existed from (3 years longer than Lyft).

Being around much longer along with the good quality of its services has earned Uber quite a reputation and a worldwide acceptance.

Uber vs Lyft, Which is Cheaper According to Reviews and Business Logic?

Generally, Users review Lyft to be cheaper than Uber, and having tested both, I must agree with them. Uber is the largest ride-sharing quality and from being top of that list, it doesn’t really see competition.

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Therefore there is no reason to use the “Low my Products Prices to beat my competitors” technique. Lyft is on the other hand is also quite acceptable among people when it comes to rides but not as Uber.

This is a goal Lyft will try to achieve. To do that it needs to offer quality services as Uber at very reasonable and cheaper prices than that of Uber. If Lyft continues with this strategy well, people might begin to use Lyft more.

Uber vs Lyft Rates

When a ride company charges you for a ride, it does so based on a lot of charges totaling to your final amount of charge. These charges include variables like booking fee, Cost per minute, Cost per mile, and so on.

Uber and Lyft both have a higher cost per mile than the cost per minute charges. What this means is that more percentage of your total charges of a ride from Uber or Lyft will originate from the distance of that ride.

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Cost Per Mile$0.80$1.07
Cost Per Minute$0.28$0.17
This table compares cost for the most basic Uber and Lyft rides users book: Uber X and Regular Lyft.

By comparing the little info on the table above, you would notice that while Lyft’s cost per mile is higher, its cost per minute is lower than that of Uber.

This means that Uber might be better for longer distances but do not get stuck in traffic. Since its cost per minute is higher, you’d just be burning your money while literarily not moving.


In most cases, Lyft is always a cheaper option than Uber. But this depends on a lot of variables like the city you live in or how congested the city is or how available each service rides are in your city.

After putting those variables in place, you might just find out that Uber is cheaper.

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