Google Search Doesn’t Work Android | How to Fix Google Search Not Working 2020

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Google Search Doesn’t Work Android – It’s frustrating to want to browse the web and then you open the Google app and somehow it’s not working. Take it from someone who has been in your shoes.

All of a sudden, your search bar isn’t working or not loading or it’s just frozen, and you can’t do anything about it but curse.

Why do you have a Google browser on your device and its basically useless? Those kinds of questions and related keep popping up on your mind.

google search doesn't work android

This article is going to teach you some simple troubleshooting tips you could try out to fix whatever is wrong with your Google browser. The tips enlisted below would work for any android device given that you are experiencing the issue we are treating.

Enough of my Google search tab frustrating and giving me headaches, below are the tips you just need.

Troubleshooting – Google Search Not Working.

  • Restart your device: This is the most used troubleshooting tip. In most cases it might just be your device is suffering some glitch issues. Simply restarting your device should solve this.
  • Check if the Google app has been disabled. Visit the “Settings” app on your device, and click on “Apps”. Select Google Play and click on “Enable” if there is such an option. If there isn’t or there is a “Disable” option instead, it means your Google app is fine.
  • The above steps did not solve it, it seems your device Google’s problem is tougher than I thought.
  • Clear your Cache on the Google app: Go to the browser’s setting and under “Settings and Privacy”, delete all your cookies and saved data.

Also, you could visit your device’s “Settings”. When you get there select “Apps”, on the list of apps on your device, select “Google App”.

Next, tap on “Storage” or “Manage Space”, then select “Clear Cache”. When you complete the process and still it doesn’t solve the issues at hand, try out the next tip.

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Google Search Not Working – Advance Fixes and Solutions

You are not really meant to try out these tips unless the ones listed above do not work. Take it one after the other and for each one, you try, check if the Google search now works.

Sign In and Out Of Your Google Account On the Google Browser

 Open the settings on your Google app, select “Accounts”> “Google”. Tap on “More” and remove the Google account.

Restart your device and again follow the same process until you get to “Accounts”. Then tap on “Add Account”, sign in to your Google account, and check if it’s solved.

Review the Google App permission in your device Settings app:

Open “Settings”, select “Apps” and on the next page, choose “Google”. Next, select “Permissions”, review the permissions and ensure all are granted.

Google App Updates

Open your Google play store, check for updates, and select the “Google Browser App”. Since you can’t really uninstall or delete the app from your device, you could reset it.

Once you locate the Google App, click on it, now click on “Uninstall” and close the Google play store. Restart your device and check if the Google search issue is gone.

If it’s not, open the Google play store again, locate the Google browser app and update it. After the update, open the app and confirm if it now works.


As good as these troubleshooting tips and fixes are, it’s still very possible to carry them out and your Google search still doesn’t work. There is just one option left.

You would have to use the Google search from the other browsers like Chrome and Safari. Also, you could visit the Google help center and report the issues you are currently experiencing.

Open any other web browser and type Google Help center and select any of the Google pages offering help.


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