Fri. Jun 25th, 2021
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Facebook Messenger Login – The Facebook messenger was originally known as Facebook chat which was created and released in 2008. Then it wasn’t a standalone app as it is now as it was integrated into the Facebook app.

In 2011, the name Facebook Messenger became official after the instant messaging platform was revamped in 2010. Then in 2014, Facebook announced that its instant messaging platform would become independent and users would have to download the standalone messenger app.

facebook messenger login

Subsequently, Facebook kept working on Messenger to make it what it is today. 2015, Messenger web was developed, 2016, Messenger lite came into the picture and the list goes on and on.

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Facebook Account and Messenger Login

When Facebook instant messaging was released, its concept demanded that to use it you need a Facebook account. Basically, you couldn’t access it without a Facebook account thus stressing the need of a Facebook account.

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Then the revamping of the Facebook chat platform resulting in Facebook messenger. Although the messenger platform was revamped, it didn’t change the fact that you need a Facebook account to sign up for its services.

The trend went on even after the Facebook messenger app was made a standalone app. Users would download the app and to sign up, you would have to do so via your Facebook profile. So it was until recently.

How to Login to Facebook Messenger

This article will put you through the two basic ways you could sign in to Facebook messenger.

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Through the Messenger App

Download or update the messenger app on your device. Doing this will ensure you stand to enjoy all the latest features impacted in the Facebook messenger app. There are lots of features in the app ranging from Messenger games to Facebook pay and so much more.

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Now open the messenger app. If you have the Facebook app on your device where your Facebook account is already logged into, this should be easy. Tap on “LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK”, then your Facebook account will appear in the messenger app. Just click on it and provide the account’s password to sign in.

If not, you would have to sign in manually by typing in your Facebook’s email address/mobile number and password into the respective box.

Here’s the trick; Don’t have a Facebook account, tap on “Not On Facebook?”. Messenger will prompt you to sign up for its services without a Facebook account. Adhere to its prompt to complete the process.

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Through Facebook Web

While there is a Messenger app for desktops and PCs, some users still cherish the fun of signing in to Facebook via a web browser. Once you do, follow the instructions below to sign in;

  • Click on the blue bolt icon at the top bar menu.
  • You will be prompted to either click on your Facebook account or sign in using your Facebook account login credentials. Do so and login to Facebook messenger.

Don’t have a Facebook account, click on “Not On Facebook?” and follow up Messenger’s prompt from here.

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