Messenger For Instagram | Messenger-Instagram Direct Cross-Messaging | How to Message Someone On Instagram From Messenger

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Messenger For Instagram – I have always loved the possibility of cross-messaging between Facebook’s high-profile social media networks. Being able to message my friends on Instagram directly from Facebook Messenger without the help of Instagram direct in any way, that’s just fantastic.

There have been talks about this for a long time and even better, Facebook doesn’t plan on stopping here. They plan on making the new feature also available to WhatsApp. Seems like a tough one but if it’s accomplished, a three-way messaging system between Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram sounds very interesting.

messenger for instagram

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Instagram On Messenger

One of the first Instagram–Messenger integration was Facebook making it possible for users to link or create an Instagram account from a Facebook account. Then it also became possible to repost Facebook stories and posts to Instagram’s and vice versa.

Facebook is linked to Instagram in so many ways than one and this new messaging system is just another way of doing so. The feature lets users message people on Instagram directly through their Facebook messenger app.

Most people prefer to stay away from anything Facebook at all costs and so this might be better than we thought. Instagram users can now chat with friends on Messenger easily.

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How it Functions

Messaging or Calling from a fellow Instagram user would take place on Instagram. This integration does not totally work like the Facebook Messenger relationship. This new update allows users to chat across Messenger and Instagram.

Instagram direct messaging also boasts of some new improvements like new emojis, GIFs, stickers, themes, enhanced messaging management, and so on. There has never been a better time to be on Instagram.

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How to Message Someone On Instagram On Messenger

Do note that this feature is not available to all parts of the world yet, hence trying out this steps doesn’t mean you will be able to perform the trick.

  • Update your Messenger app and open it.
  • Given the feature is available in your country, a pop-up message will appear introducing you to Cross-App messaging. Just to be clear, this cross-app messaging only exists between Instagram and Messenger at least for now.
  • Adhere to the prompt and tap on the new message icon by the right corner.
  • Enter or select an Instagram handle or username.
  • Next, tap on “Done”, then proceed to message the person.
  • Type in your message and send it.

The receiver will get your message on Instagram direct and then can get on with replying you.

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