Facebook Marketplace Rules | Facebook Marketplace Policies | What You Can’t Sell On Facebook Marketplace

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Facebook Marketplace Rules – Facebook Marketplace is a new avenue for businesses and brands on Facebook to improve sales and grow its customer base. With more than 800 million users, this feature has to go down as one of the best business features Facebook has ever come up with.

Facebook’s own e-commerce center is surely an attractive marketing center that will pull buyers and sellers alike to it. This feature is developed in a way where buyers, sellers, and even merchants can feel comfortable and operate at ease.

facebook marketplace rules

Why Facebook Marketplace Rules?

Every functional marketplace whether online or offline needs a set of guidelines to operate excellently. Facebook marketplace keeps growing with every moment and people keep trooping in to make use of the feature.

With rules, Facebook created a well-organized trading atmosphere for the various Facebook marketplace entities. A way to ensure that every transaction that goes on here is safe and secure.

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Facebook Marketplace Rules & Policies to Consider

Before selling or buying on the Facebook marketplace, you should take note of the following rules so as not to get in trouble with Facebook. Facebook Marketplace rules are based on Facebook’s commerce policies. These same policies guide the operations of Facebook buy and sell groups, page shops and Instagram shopping also functions on.

  1. Seller’s listing must not violate Facebook’s community standards.
  2. You can’t also sell or buy unreal or fake products on this platform.
  3. The Facebook marketplace does not support online gambling of any kind.
  4. Documents or monetary/financial items can’t be sold here.
  5. Selling of hazardous items such as weapons, explosives, or ammunition is against Facebook marketplace rules.
  6. Listings must not contain items that violate copyright or trademark laws of any third party product.
  7. Listings on the Facebook marketplace can’t have a before and after picture as a product image of an item for sale.
  8. Items for sale must have a description and photo that match the product for sale.
  9. If an item is supposed to be shipped to its buyer; it should be done within three days of its order. The buyer should receive the item 7 days after its been shipped.
  10. You must meet the 18 years old age requirement to use the Facebook marketplace feature.

Below are all items that can’t be sold on Facebook marketplace.

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Items That Can’t Be Sold On Facebook Marketplace.

  • Items under the category Alcohol, Drugs, Adult Products, Animals, Body parts and fluids, and Digital and Electronic devices can’t be sold on the Facebook marketplace.
  • Tickets of any kind and Gift cards.
  • Weapons & Life-threatening equipment.
  • Subscriptions & Fake or Stolen products.
  • Services of any kind especially those that are sexually suggestive.
  • Jobs.
  • Offensive and Fallacious products.
  • Unsafe Supplements.

Consequences of Breaking This Rules & Policies

If you break any of this rules while trying to sell on Facebook Marketplace, Facebook will disapprove of your listing and subsequently delete it. If you feel the Facebook’s disapproval was inappropriate, you could appeal the decision and request a review.

The first few times, you might just get a warning. Continue with it and Facebook bans you from using the feature and worse might even suspend your Facebook account. A ban would be very difficult to appeal and a Facebook suspension would bar you from using any of Facebook services.

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