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How to Get Facebook Marketplace – Facebook Marketplace was launched in 2016 as a place where the Facebook community could buy and sell easily. It was developed as a market section on Facebook to aid trading transactions on the huge social media network.

Prior to that, there were Facebook groups termed as “Buy and Sell Groups” on Facebook which sole purpose is that of trading. Facebook spotting the chances and advantages its platform was creating for businesses decided to widen its trade coast and features with the Facebook Marketplace.

how to get facebook marketplace

How to Find Facebook Marketplace

Given Facebook Marketplace is available to your region or location and your Facebook account meets the marketplace requirement you can find this interesting trading feature.

On the Facebook app, the Facebook marketplace can be located by tapping on the storehouse icon at the bottom of your homepage.

On the Facebook web, either on your PC or computer, locate the menu at the left and click on the storehouse icon.

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Navigating Facebook Marketplace

Once in the marketplace section, scroll up and down to view various items and listings you might like. If you are interested, you can tap on the “I’m interested”, “Make Offer”, “Check out on website” or “Add to Cart” button.

There is also a search bar and various filter options to make finding specific items faster and easier. You can search by location, category, price, and so on.

How to Buy on Facebook Marketplace

Finally found something you want to buy; tap on the image of the product to get more details on it to help you conclude whether or not you still want to buy. When you are ready, hit the message icon to send the seller a direct message and notify the person of your interests.

The messaging process doesn’t have to go through Facebook messenger unless you choose to. Facebook also made the payment process also easier with the Facebook pay feature.

After you’ve specified the product you want and you’ve hit on the checkout button, you’ll be directed to a payment page where you’ll enter your delivery address and payment info.

How to Sell On Facebook Marketplace

Take a standard and clear picture of what you are about to sell. Once you’ve gotten into the Facebook marketplace feature, tap on “What are you Listing?”

Then select a category that defines what you want to sell. This will pop open your device’s gallery or camera except you chose “Jobs”. Select a photo or take one by tapping on the camera icon, then click on “Use”> “Next”.

Facebook marketplace also allows you use the Facebook Live feature to broadcast your items for sale.

In the new screen, enter the item for sale details and full description. You can also choose to add more identification options if you want to.

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You might as well offer “shipping” as this might facilitate the sale of your item. To find a buyer quickly, I would advise you agree to Facebook Marketplace’s prompt to share your sales post to your profile and various buy and sell groups you are a member of.

Review all the settings and options and if you are okay with it, tap on “Post”.

Visit the “Your Items” section on the Facebook marketplace homepage to keep track of your trading activities on this feature.

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