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The perfect way to create a fan base for you, a Facebook fan page isn’t just for popular and big-time people or brands, it for everyone deemed to be influential. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, entertainers, freelancers, as long as you have people that will appreciate your work.

Having a Facebook fan page is like having a public Facebook profile where people can get direct information from you. As a business, it could be products or services and their sales rate. A way you could communicate information to your respective fans or customers at once from one place.

Creating a Facebook fan page also helps you grow your fan base. Facebook is quite a large social network advertising platform, having a fan base on it is one of the best ideas you could try out. With its editing and management tools, it’s the perfect place to start-up and grow a fan base for yourself.

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Why You Need a Facebook Fan Page?

Most people term creating a Facebook fan page for established brands or personalities. To an extent that’s true, but you also have to know everyone is going to get established someday. With a Facebook fan page, you can draw that day nearer.

It doesn’t limit the number of people that can follow you or become a fan like regular Facebook profiles and with it, you can actually become a Facebook Influencer. Things work out well, you could build your status thereby creating awareness about what you have to offer through your Facebook page.

The Facebook fan page allows you to share events, media contents, and info to your fans and the Facebook community. It’s like posting with a regular profile, there is the tendency your post will appear on friends of your friend news feed wall. With a Facebook fan page, you can indirectly advertise and create awareness about what you have to offer.

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If you are still not convinced then you should know its free, easy, and fast to create. So you don’t have anything to lose either way.

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

To use any of Facebook features you have to create a Facebook account. That rule also applies to this feature. Creating a Facebook fan page is quite easy, let me run you through the steps;

  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the hamburger menu at the top right corner of your newsfeed page.
  • Select “Page” on the next page that comes up.
  • Next on the list of “Suggested Pages”, click on “Create” at the top.
  • Tap on “Get Started”. Proceed to Create your Facebook fan page by entering its name.
  • Select the Categories you want the page to fall under.
  • Add a picture and become your page’s first fan.
  • Customize and edit your Page settings. Do not skip anything unless you’d like to return to it later, so I guess it’s better to fix it all now.
  • Once you are done creating and editing your new Facebook fan page, promote it. For starters, you could do this via your personal Facebook account by posting and sharing it thereby creating awareness among your Facebook friends about your newly created page.
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Creating a Facebook fan page is easy, the work comes in when you are trying to manage and grow it.

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