How to Use Google Meet | Start a Meeting on Google Meet

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How to Use Google Meet – Google Meet offers video and audio calling services and can be used by individuals, firms, businesses, organizations and educational platforms to carry out online meetings. It brings ease to the whole video conferencing process and competition also.

With the likes of Zoom, Whatsapp, Apple, Skype, and Microsoft also offering these services, Google Meet would have to work on the services it offers to get people’s interest. Google meet has an app that is available for download free although to access some of its unique features requires a paid subscription.

It services used to be exclusive to Google accounts under G Suite or G Suite for education. Until recently when Google released the feature to everyone with a Google account. By default, it allows you an unlimited amount of meetings of up to 100 participants for a duration of an hour.

how to use google meet

Therefore, with a regular Google account, you can access all this features and create an online meeting of up to 100 people as long as it won’t exceed the 60-minute time limit. But with a G Suite account, you can create a meeting with over 100,000 participants.

How to Start a Meeting on Google Meet

When you create a meeting on Google Meet, you generate a meeting invite link and a code or a dial-in number. This link and code or dial-in number will be what participants will use to get into your meeting.

Guests on the meetings can also forward the meeting link and code to people who wish to join unless the creator of the meeting organized it via a personal Google account.

From Google Calendar

This is pretty simple, all you need to do is create an event thereby scheduling it and add your guests to it.

  1. Navigate to Google Calendar and click on “Create an Event”.
  2. Click on “Add Guests” and enter the names or emails of the people you want in the meeting.
  3. Tap on “Save” and “Send” to send notifications to your invited guests.

From Gmail

Navigate to Gmail, preferably the Gmail app, and open it. Google Meet was recently integrated with Gmail. Locate the “Start a Meeting” icon in the sidebar and click on it. Follow the prompts to set up a new meeting.

From the window menu, select the option to “Join the meeting” you created to start it. Now proceed to add other people by sharing the meeting code. Click on the “Add People” option, enter a/an name or email address, and click on “Send Invite”.

You could also share the meeting code via a messaging app or via phone calls, although it’s easier to do it via email addresses.

From Google Meet

Navigate to Google Meet either by the app or its website. Once you successfully get to Google meet, locate, and click on the “Join or Start a Meeting” icon. If you use G Suite or G Suite for education, you could create a nickname for your meeting.

  • Click on “Join now”.
  • Proceed to add people to your meeting by clicking on “Add People” and choose to invite via name or email address.

You could also copy the joining info and paste it to a messaging app. Hence sending it by entering the contact address of the persons you want to send to.

Joining a Meeting

Basically joining a meeting just entails you accessing Google meet and clicking on the “Join a meeting” link. Whichever way you access Google Meet, either via Gmail, Google calendar or Google meet platform, follow the same steps for creating a meeting but this time click on “Join a Meeting”.

For instance, if you are in the Gmail app, open the sidebar and click on “Join a Meeting”. Also via Google calendar, tap on the event you want to join and click on “Join with Google Meet”.

To join a meeting you will need to enter the meeting’s nickname or code. The code is the string of letters at the end of the meeting link which was sent to you. Type in the code into its tab without the hyphens and tap on “Continue”, then “Join now”.

If the meeting’s link was sent to you, click on it and follow the onscreen prompts to join it.