Facebook Dark Mode – Night Mode Settings/ Facebook Dark Mode on Android

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Facebook Dark Mode – There must be something cool with the colour black, most people have more black wears than white ignoring the fact that black wears tend to radiate heat, prefer a black bed sheet to other colours or the fact that most social media platforms are working on or already has a dark mode.

Dark mode presents your phone with a black coloured screen instead of the white or colour filled screen you are used to. It’s very interesting because apart from the fact that it’s a new idea, people love the idea maybe because of how it makes their mobile devices look or the fact that dark mode will present a more clear view of your mobile device.

Facebook Launching out Dark Mode to more users

Although Facebook Dark Mode is not fully functional, technically, it’s still under testing and only very few people possess it on their mobile. But we’ve seen the effect of a dark mode on Twitter and Instagram, I mean it’s quite beautiful and very attractive with the texts in white, media and stickers maintaining their normal colour but the background black.

Probably, Facebook saw how the black design looked on quite a number of social media software and decided to try out theirs thereby announcing that they have plans to redesign its gigantic social network including the famous blue banner at the top of the website.

How To Enable Facebook Dark Mode

Well, it might still be the normal Facebook experience we are used to, but imagine Facebook dark mode on android devices or desktops, if you are an IOS 13 user you just might have an idea on what Facebook is planning on.

We also have seen dark mode on Facebook-owned Instagram and Whatsapp, I do wonder why it took this long for something like this to come up on Facebook with over 2 billion users Facebook constantly look for ways to improve the software user interface and a dark mode feature might just be one of the biggest.

How To Get Facebook Dark Mode

Basically, the Facebook Dark mode feature is just available for desktop users and some few android users who have been asked to help in testing the new feature in which they were asked when logging into their Facebook account whether they’d prefer a light or dark mode.

Facebook Dark Mode means it will be easier for the user’s eyes to scroll through Facebook at night because of it’s the black and dark grey coloured screen. Well, for now, we have to be patient and ready and believe Facebook Dark Mode might just be the next big thing on Facebook.

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