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Amazon Prime Video App – Amazon offers a whole lot of online services to fit different users from shopping to music and books, and also videos. The amazon prime video is an online video streaming service that allows registered users to stream and watch TV shows and movies.

Amazon prime video works almost like a full TV as it offers channels that only stream shows and movies from a specified field. There are channels made to stream just your favorite kinds of shows or movies and nothing more.

It also offers movies or TV series for sale or rental. Interesting and blockbusters movies that were just released from theatres can be rented at amazon at very high quality at reasonable prices.

amazon prime video app

This is the perfect alternative to Netflix. You know how you see those interesting Netflix originals shows, well Amazon also has its. Amazon and Prime originals present you with some of the best movies and TV series for streaming at a very good quality.

This is one of the best streaming services. What you need is the amazon prime video app, an Amazon account, and an internet connection.

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Why Download Amazon Prime Video App?

You could stream Amazon from almost any kind of device with a screen and a streaming ability. From TVs to media players, Game Consoles, Tablets, mobile devices, and top boxes.

Primarily, the app must be installed on the streaming device. With the prime video app, you get access to Amazon’s X-Ray feature. This feature allows you to stream behind the scenes of your favorite movies and also provides information about the casts of the movies. Do note that this feature does not work in all countries.

With the Amazon prime video app, you can download some movies from Amazon to watch offline. It also makes it easy to access amazon video services.

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Download the Amazon Prime Video App

Every device has its app store filled with different kinds of apps, find it, and open it. Search for “Amazon Prime video” on the search tab. Once you do find it, proceed to download the app to your device.

When it finishes installing, open the app and proceed to sign in to Amazon prime video. Do this by providing your Amazon account sign up details.

If you don’t have an account with amazon, choose to register on the Amazon website. In which you will be given a verification code which you will have to input to sign in to amazon prime video.

Now you can stream a huge library of shows and movies including the best Amazon and Prime original series.

Do note that the app is not available for Windows PC, although you can get it on Mac devices.

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