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Facebook Dancing Avatar – Facebook Avatar has been one of the biggest mania on Facebook this year alongside the New Facebook and the Facebook Messenger rooms. Facebook has changed a lot about its platform but these three new features mentioned above are stand-out and exceptional.

Almost everyone has a Facebook avatar as it’s not really hard to create, making it easy for you to come across one on Facebook. Facebook avatars are bitmoji like animations that you could find on Facebook either as profile pictures, stickers, or status updates.

Creating a beautiful or close to perfect Facebook avatar is not really an easy job. So when anyone succeeds in doing so, the urge to share and show the Facebook community just how good you are can’t be resisted.

facebook dancing avatar

What is Facebook Dancing Avatar?

If you’ve successfully created your Facebook avatar and are familiar with the steps, looking at this topic, the first thing that comes to mind is literally creating a dancing avatar. Like a video or a GIF post of a dancing Facebook avatar.

Well, that’s not really the idea. Creating a dancing avatar on Facebook just means creating an avatar in a dancing pose, like a picture of someone dancing.

The Facebook avatar creator/maker allows you to create avatars in different poses, so it’s possible to create an avatar in a dancing pose.

What You Need to Know to Create a Dancing Avatar?

Every Facebook avatar is created by an app inside the Facebook app called the Facebook avatar creator or maker. You could also create a Facebook avatar through the messenger app, follow the guide below to do that.

Create Facebook Avatar through Messenger App.

The first thing to know is that to create a Facebook avatar, you need to have an account with Facebook. Once you have an account, proceed to sign in and then locate the Facebook avatar maker.

How to Create a Facebook Account

Do note that you might not be able to find the Facebook avatar creator or maker or you won’t be able to create a Facebook avatar. This could be because of any of the reasons below;

  • Out-dated Facebook App; All Facebook new features come with new Facebook updates, hence you would have to update the Facebook or messenger app on your device.
  • Facebook Avatar feature not yet available; Not all Facebook features are released to all parts of the world simultaneously. Facebook prefers to take releasing new features step by step. For now, only a few countries have access to the Facebook avatar maker, guess you will just have to be patient.

How to Create Your Dancing Avatar on Facebook

Firstly, you have to login to your Facebook account and then locate the Facebook avatar maker/creator.

  • On your news feed page, tap on the hamburger menu at the top right corner.
  • Scroll down and tap on See More.
  • Next tap on Avatars> Get Started.

Now, you can start creating your Facebook avatar. You might need a mirror especially if you are to create the avatar in your own image.

Click on the mirror icon at the top of your screen thus turning on your device selfie camera.

  • Select a preferred skin color for the avatar.
  • Choose its hairstyle, texture, and shape.
  • Remember you are trying to create a dancing avatar. Now edit the avatar’s face, laughing, or smiling one should fit since you are creating a dancing avatar.
  • Edit its eyes, mouth, nose, lips, and facial hair.
  • Next, body shape and posture for your avatar. There are some dancing postures you could choose from. Select one and move to the next step.
  • Finalize all touches on the avatar and check-out anything you could add to your avatar to make it look unique, take your time.
  • Clothe it and click on the checkmark button to complete your creation.

Troubleshooting to Find Facebook Avatar Maker or Creator

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It’s quite painful to not be able to create a Facebook avatar(s) especially when everyone around you already got one. Here are some tips that would definitely work in finding the Facebook avatar maker;

  1. Update your Facebook app. Navigate to your device app store and locate the Apps tab. Find the Facebook app and proceed to update it.
  2. Close the Facebook app and restart your device. When your device turns on, open the Facebook app, and check if you would see the Facebook avatar maker or creator. If you still can’t find it, try out number 3.
  3. Delete the Facebook app on your device and re-download it from your device app store.
  4. No 3 did not work, okay try this troubleshooting tip out. Create a Facebook avatar through Messenger. Click on that link to learn how to.

If you successfully carry out all these troubleshooting tips and to no avail, you still can’t create your Facebook avatar, then there is just one troubleshooting tip left. Patience.

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