How to Use Facebook Live | Basic Guide to Broadcasting On Facebook Live

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The Facebook live feature is just one unique in its own way, the ability to broadcast yourself live to the Facebook community sounds fascinating.  Facebook live is the best way to create awareness about your brand on Facebook not just for businesses or commodities but for yourself.

The live feature on Facebook is especially interesting because of the number of people on its network. The number of audiences whose attention you stand to get by using the live feature on Facebook is amazing even for starters.

So how do you use this exciting feature? keep reading to find out.

how to use facebook live

Finding Facebook Live

On the Facebook app, sign in to your account. Then from the Newsfeed page, tap on the “What’s On Your Mind” bar then hit on “Go Live”.

You want to go live for your business or brand on Facebook, navigate to the Facebook page of the business or brand. Tap on “Post” and select “Go Live” thereafter to start setting up your live broadcast.

On the Facebook web, sign in to your Facebook account. Just beside the “What’s On Your Mind” box tap on the three vertical dots menu. Then select “Go Live” and follow the steps below.

  • Tap the “To” to choose whom you want to be able to see your Facebook live broadcast.
  • Choose whether you want to save the live video to your Facebook story or as a Facebook post. Choosing the Facebook story option will only save the live broadcast to your story on Facebook which will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.
  • Ensure the “Send Notifications” toggle is switched on to notify friends, subscribers and followers when you go live.
  • Next, add a description to your video. Brief but interesting so as to compel people on Facebook to join in on your live broadcast.
  • Tag anyone or anything that appears in your broadcast. Add a location if you want to, add smileys, add activities, anything to make the live broadcast self-advertise itself.
  • Check and edit your camera settings. This is the part where you finalise all touches you want to make including getting yourself ready for the live video you are about to go on.

Click on the blue “Start Live Video” button to start your Facebook live video. When you are done, tap on “End” to close the broadcast.

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Tips on How to Use Facebook Live

Using Facebook live won’t be easy at first for any purpose or reason you are using it for. There are a lot of Facebook live users, for your live broadcast to get viewers it has to stand-out and give people reasons to become viewers.

Thus you might want to key in to these advices on making a successful Facebook live broadcast.

  • Firstly, the last thing you want to do is to go on Facebook live with a poor internet connection.
  • It’s not just about Facebook sending notifications about your Facebook live broadcast when it starts, it more about you literally informing people about your Facebook live video. Spread the news, share the message not just on Facebook, but on every platform available to you and stand to get more viewers.
  • Plan Your Broadcast. Don’t just go into a live broadcast without having a plan, you are going live on Facebook, no matter how good you are, make sure not to go in there clueless.
  • You are just one in a lot of people broadcasting live on Facebook. if you are going to get any viewers, yours must be interesting and unique.
  • Personal advice, you definitely want to be yourself on your videos. How long do you think you can keep up the act and not look weird on your live broadcast? Just have fun, that’s what this feature is for.
  • This is one part where starters make mistakes the most, describing their Facebook live videos. Let me make you understand it, the trick is to give a unique, honest and compelling description about your live broadcast. Make it clear, no lies, no one likes being deceived and be engaging with the description.
  • A long Facebook live broadcast should do better than a short one, at least 15 – 20 minutes. The more reason you want to create a plan before going live on Facebook.

More Tips On Creating a Good Facebook Live Video

  • Engaging with your audience plays a key role in creating a successful Facebook live broadcast. Want to focus on the broadcast alone, assign someone to reply to the comments trolling in from your viewers.
  • Never give up as the great John Cena would say. There is a great prize that comes with consistency and putting all effort into whatever you want to do.

There are lots of Facebook live ideas that would draw people to your broadcast. Most people do “how-to” videos, then gossips and breaking news, talent shows, comedy, behind the scenes, live events or shows, history unravelling, myth-busting, and so on.

You could choose to pick out from any of these ideas or you could create yours and be unique.

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