Facebook Collab App Android | Facebook Collab App Download | How to Begin Using the Manager for Facebook Brand Collabs

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Facebook Collab App Android – While we wait for Facebook Collab app android version to be available. With Facebook Collab for iOS, we kind of know what the android will look like. With this app, the focus has now returned to video making, and specifically, the notion of watching, matching and mixing original videos together, starting with sound tracks.

What the Facebook Collab App Android Key Features Look Like

  • This is intended for the current production of original videos for music.
  • Facebook Collabs can only last for 15 seconds.
  • Collabs is not intended as a platform for making music professionally.
Facebook Collab App Android

How to Begin Using the Manager for Facebook Brand Collabs

We believe and we hope that we are right, if you set this up on the desktop web app, you can easily continue on the Facebook collab app android, whenever the android app gets rolled out.

  • Anyways, go to the needed section to start using Facebook Brand Collabs Manager, and register as an advertiser/brand or a creator.
  • Once you have registered, you will be able to see all the Facebook pages that have you as an admin. Choose the page you would like to add to Brand Collabs Manager, fill out your email address, and make sure to agree to the Terms of Service. Click on ‘Submit.’
  • Next, click “View in Brand Collabs Manager.” This opens the dashboard of your app, enabling you to search for influencers.

The creators recommended are divided into four sections:

new to the Brand Collabs Manager, Strongest engagement, and gaining followers, similar to your past partners. Based on specific criteria, use the search tab to look for creators and then sort the results by Followers, Creator Views per Video, Creator Engagement Rate or other general parameters, such as

  • Type of Post (photo, live, video, text, link)
  • Subject (animals and pets, arts and culture, business, parenting, style, fitness, education, food, games, health, home and garden, music, relationships, politics, spiritual, science and tech, sports, tv and film, travel, transport)
  • Location Area
  • Relationship
  • The Interests
  • Followers
  • Gender
  • The Age

Next, click on the influencer’s profile that you want. You will be able to view basic information on the influencer on their profile, such as:

  • Type of Portfolio
  • The Age
  • Gender
  • Location Area
  • Partners of branded content featured
  • Introduction

You’ll also find two kinds of insights and statistics showing the activity of a creator:

  • Branded content, engagement rate, followers, posts, videos, views per video- Creator Insights
  • Gender, age, top languages, top cities, top countries, top regions, live events, partners: Audience Insights

Also, you can save their profiles and add them to the creator list if you have interest in several, contact them, or continue searching for similar creators that are similar.

You can create multiple lists with different names in order to To organize them. For example, you might want to make a list of creators you’re already working with, or who you have worked with in past. In a different list, you can put those who you have contacted already and those you would like to contact.

Use the ‘Contact Creator’ button to contact a creator, fill out your e-mail, a personalized message and other recipients. Your message will be sent directly by email, and replies will go to the email address you have already typed in.

However, via ‘Project Briefs,’ you can reach out to a creator, filling in all the details and profiles that meet your requirements. A letter will be sent to them, and if they are interested, they can reach out back to you.

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