Facebook Dark Mode – Facebook Dark Mode Settings | How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook

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Facebook dark mode brings a new look to the Facebook interface, it removes the usual eye torturing, bright interface, and brings a smart dark magical one. Speculations about a new simpler Facebook interface have been rampant and it promises to come with a dark mode.

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The Dark Mode doesn’t just bring a cooler look to Facebook, it also reduced the stress on the eyes and reduces the consumption of your device battery life. Trust me, I am a regular FB user and since I switched to dark mode, I think I sleep better.

The Dark Mode has been long anticipated on FB as it was one of the last social media platforms to release its version of the dark mode. Now, it’s being released, and here is how to access it.

facebook dark mode

Messenger Dark Mode

Messenger dark mode was released before that of Facebook. It’s like every other dark mode release, white texts on a dark background.

To turn it on, Update your Messenger app and open it. On your “Chats” page, click on your “Profile Picture” icon at the top. The next page will present you with your FB Messenger profile, just below your profile picture, toggle the “dark mode” option on.

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Facebook Dark Mode – Facebook App

This feature can be accessed through your mobile devices if you know how to go about it. Most apps and platforms have dark mode as a way of trying to fit into the status of recent smartphones.

Recent smartphones have a higher screen to body ratio and also have the dark mode integrated into their OS to create a better experience for users. Android 10 and IOS 13 have the dark mode already at the system level. All you have to do is toggle it on and everything goes dark mode.

Turning on dark mode at your device system level will turn on dark mode on all apps on your device that has the dark mode option. Efficiently rendering the need to turn on the Facebook dark mode through the Fb app useless.

Also, you could update your Facebook app and get the prompt to switch to the New Facebook interface. This interface doesn’t just promise to be simpler but also an in-app dark mode.

To turn it on, click on the dropdown menu on your newsfeed page. Next, click on the dark mode tab from the list of options available to toggle it on.

Facebook Dark Mode – Desktop Site

Early this year Facebook released a new interface for its desktop site. This new version comes with a dark mode option which you will be able to get once you agree to Facebook’s prompt to switch.

While you could also force dark mode on Facebook by using chrome, there is an easy way to get the dark mode on FB desktop site.

  • First, switch to the new Facebook.
  • Click on the drop-down menu at the top right corner.
  • Select “Settings”, locate and click on “Dark Mode”.

The whole Facebook dark mode feature revolves around switching to the new FB. Basically, to enjoy the dark mode, you need to switch to the new FB interface.

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