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Facebook Avatar Not Available – Why don’t I have the Facebook Avatar? Why can’t I Create the new Facebook bitmoji? Does my Facebook have the Facebook Avatar feature? These questions and much more related will this article be tackling.

Facebook avatar is becoming quite a trend among users these days. Every user wants to have one of those bitmoji like images as theirs on Facebook. Which seems nice, unless somehow you can’t create yours.

facebook avatar not available

Facebook Avatar is one of Facebook’s ways of trying to help users through this year. It also promises to be a better way of communication on the Facebook platform. When you finish creating an avatar on Facebook, it is added to your emojis or stickers.

Hence, you could use them when chatting on Messenger or commenting on Facebook. You could also share them with friends on your Facebook status or story.

Furthermore, Facebook avatars could be used as profile or cover photos on Facebook, so many cool uses for just one Facebook feature. Guess that’s why it’s frustrating not to have one.

Creating a Facebook Avatar

Visit the Facebook mobile app and log in to your account. Now click on the Hamburger menu at the top right corner of your news feed page. if you are using the New Facebook, the menu should be by your left-hand side.

On the menu, select See More. Next page, click on Avatar. Now, you can start creating and editing your Facebook avatar. Followed this steps and you still can’t find the Facebook avatar maker, let’s find a solution below.

What to do? – Facebook Avatar Not Available

Update your Facebook App

Most guides before putting you through creating a Facebook avatar will request you to update your Facebook app first. This is because every new Facebook feature that is released always comes with the latest and updated version of the Facebook app.

Get to your device play store and update your Facebook app.

Check Your Device Network Connection

A poor internet connection will surely affect the creation of your Facebook avatar, so ensure its strong before proceeding to find the Facebook avatar maker. Also, make sure you are not connected to a VPN service, because you IP address might be cloaked to a region that does not have the Facebook avatar feature available to them yet.

Delete and Re-Install the Facebook App

When you do update the Facebook app and yet you can’t find the Facebook avatar maker, this is the next step. Like you are trying to troubleshoot the Facebook app, totally delete the Facebook app, restart your mobile device, and then re-download the Facebook app from your device’s play store.

You could also try this out if you do not update the Facebook app.

Troubleshoot Your Mobile Device

Troubleshooting your mobile device involves deleting corrupted files on your mobile device and clearing cache date, then finally restarting it. If your device’s storage is full, the device might malfunction and hang consequently affecting the Facebook app sometimes.

Create Facebook Avatar through Messenger

It is possible to create Facebook avatars through the messenger app. Try this steps when you can’t seem to find your way through creating it in the Facebook app. Before you do this, update your Facebook messenger app.

  • Open the Facebook messenger app.
  • Tap on your last conversation to open it.
  • Tap on the message box thereby popping out your keyboard.
  • Click on Facebook’s smiley icon.
  • Find the Avatar looking Sticker icon and tap on it.

You will be redirected to the Facebook avatar maker page where you can start creating your Facebook avatar.

See More How to Create Your Facebook Avatar.

Facebook Avatar Availability

Every new Facebook release always comes to different destinations at different times. Facebook doesn’t just release a feature worldwide like a virus.

It takes its time, releasing the feature step by step to different countries.

It is very possible that the Facebook avatar maker is not yet available in your country or region. In this case, there is no troubleshooting tip that can work except for patience.

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