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Facebook Messenger Download For Nokia – Using a Nokia phone has its complications and downloading apps is one of them especially if you are not a typical Nokia mobile device user. Nokia devices were primarily known to function on the Symbian OS before temporarily switching to some custom OS and Android.

The last five years have seen more Nokia phones based on the Windows OS although there are still a few that have the Android OS. Thus, before downloading any app on your Nokia device be sure of the operating system.

Facebook Messenger For Nokia

Go to the Settings tab on your device and follow the order “Device”> “Device Information”> “More Information” to see your device OS.

How to Download Facebook Messenger On Nokia

Now you’ve identified the OS your Nokia device runs on, downloading the Facebook messenger app is just a matter of knowing which app store to visit. Different OS has different app stores for their respective devices.

The Android OS has the Google play store as its main app store and Windows has the Microsoft store which can also be found in PCs & Desktops. The Facebook messenger app is available for almost all kinds of OS including Windows and Android.

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Facebook Messenger For Nokia Features

If there is one thing I love with this app is the fact that Facebook ensured that the messenger app functions and look the same for all different kinds of OS. The Facebook Messenger for Nokia has the same features like that for any other OS.

You get to chat with your friends and people from Facebook with options to use stickers, emojis, avatars, and GIFs. There is also an audio/video call option and if you prefer a conference call, the messenger rooms allow you video chat up to 49 people simultaneously.

There are loads of games to play with friends on this app, a dark mode to make the app look cool and with features like Facebook pay, you don’t need to worry about bills splitting. The perfect instant messaging app indeed.

Facebook Messenger For Nokia Download


  • Navigate to the Google play store on your device.
  • Tap on the Search tab at the top and type in “Facebook Messenger”.
  • Select the messenger app and tap on “Install” to download it.

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  • Get to the Microsoft Store and open it.
  • Locate and tap on the search tab.
  • Then search “Facebook Messenger”.
  • Select the app and hit the “Install” button to download it.

There is also a Facebook messenger lite app available for download. This is in case your device can not function well with the regular Facebook Messenger app.

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