Egburegbu soup | 10 Easy Steps in Making Egburegbu

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Egburegbu soup- This is a tasty yummy meal found only among a dialect of the eastern part of Nigeria called “Edda”. Looks like the regular vegetable soup. Has a whole lot of protein and less water with only a type of vegetable that gives it its name, Egburegbu soup.

Can be enjoyed with any kind of swallow but should be taken within the noon for easy digestion for good health. The only disadvantage is the less nutrient provided by this meal due to the over boiling.

Egburegbu soup

Egburegbu Soup Preparation

Here are 10 easy steps with their ingredients in the preparation of this Egburegbu soup.

Ingredients for making Egburegbu soup.

  • Pumpkin leaf (Ugwu leaf)
  • Red and yellow fresh pepper
  • Crushed crayfish
  • Protein source- Stalk fish, beef, canda (kpomo), snail, smoked fish
  • Palm oil
  • sliced onion
  • cold water
  • Akawa (potash)
  • Seasoning- Maggi, and salt


The tools cannot be forgone in any preparation even if it’s outside the kitchen, so permit me to take you through it.

  • Cooking gas or stove or even our local firewood method
  • Pot for both the stock and the soup
  • cooking spoon
  • A kitchen knife and cleaver knife
  • Chopping board
  • Washing bowls
  • As well as an apron

 Procedure for making Egburegbu Soup

  1. Soak the washed stalk fish into a warm water and allow to soften.
  2. In an empty pot, pour your properly washed beef, sliced canda, snail, pieced smoked fish and the soft stalk fish together with very little water, seasoning, little onion, and pepper. Bring to boil.
  3. In another empty pot, bring a suitable water to cover the leaf to boil and add little akawa for softening, then add your several washed ugwu leaf into the water without stirring but covering completely.
  4. Drain leaf in a colander and using a chopping board and a cleaver knife, hit the leaf in bits turning it around making sure its pieced.
  5. In another empty pot, heat completely dry and add the palm oil. Allow to fry with the onions, crayfish, and chopped pepper.
  6. Add the meat stock into the fried oil and allow to cook for a while. The meat stock should not contain any more than a half glass of liquid for a better taste. Add more seasoning for taste.
  7. Add your chopped leaf gradually and stir with a wooden spoon.
  8.  Serve with any choice of made swallow.

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