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For a better understanding, a money transfer app is a mobile application transfer service that allows people transfer money to other people and businesses all over the world. Nowadays, people do not use the traditional methods of sending money anymore. With the increase of mobile transfer apps, sending money has become so easy for everyone – these mobile apps are available for downloads for both iOS and Android devices.

This guide will take you through a ride on money transfer app, how they work, and the different money transfer apps you can choose from.

Transfer Apps

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Whether you’re looking to send money back home or transfer money for an international bill payment, money transfer apps have the ability to perform Such function across the world for just a little fee and in few seconds.

Transfer Apps

In just few years, money transfer app have reached high popularity worldwide. Everyone wants to use a money transfer apps because it helps to see time and money transferred can get to recipients in few minutes without any hassle.

Funny enough, these money transfer app do not require you to input your banking details before you can transfer money with the apps.

Best Money Transfer Apps

Here’s our teams compiled list of the best mobile money transfer you can get, make your choice;

  • Western Union: this app is one of the biggest money transfer apps worldwide. Although Western Union transfer fees and exchange rates are too expensive, the all has over 150000 ratings on Apple app store and 179000 on the Google playstore. The Western Union transfer mobile app does have limits on how much you can send, depending on the country you’re sending to and currencies you’re exchanging with. With Western Union, you can pay directly from your bank account via card or in cash.
  • Worldremit: another amazing money transfer app that process money transfers in over 150 countries in just few minutes. Worldremit offers a notification alert to the sender and recipients of the money transfer letting them know that the money has reached its destination. The service fees depend on the amount of money and country you’re sending the money to, aside that the Worldremit transfer app is a free and safe money transfer app.
  • Transferwise: this mobile transfer app offers a calculator to users – with the calculator, you can calculate your exchange rates and fees for every of your transfers. The app allows easy transfer of money and tracking of transfers, Available on both iOS and Android devices.

However, not all money transfer app are efficient and reliable, but the above listed are just the best you should consider.

Mobile money transfer apps come in handy to help facilitate your transfer transactions.

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