Facebook Vanishing Mode | How to Enable Vanish Mode On Messenger & Instagram

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Facebook vanishing mode is the new ninja-style that allows users to literally send disappearing messages. Sounds familiar right, Snapchat also has a similar feature and it works just the same way; send messages that ghost out after a short while.

Facebook literally has most main market feature from every huge social media network. Instagram just introduced Reels as a way to compete in the Tik Tok market. The Facebook story was originally Snapchat’s idea with millions of people creating or posting media content that vanishes after 24 hours.  

facebook vanishing mode

How Does Facebook Vanishing Mode Work?

The vanishing mode is being introduced to Instagram DM and Facebook Messenger. This will allow users to send messages such as VNs, chats, GIFs, stickers, emojis, media contents which would disappear after the receiver has seen them or the users leave the conversation.

It’s the new best way to hide messages especially if you do not want someone peeping on your chat history. The vanish mode also notifies users if screenshots of the conversation are taken.

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Is Vanish Mode Safe?

Every good tool has its downside and can be used negatively thus affecting its users. Facebook clearly knows the downside of vanish mode and supports blocking and reporting in vanish mode.

Thankfully Vanish mode on Messenger and Instagram is not a default setting like on Snapchat. You’d have to enable it in the settings menu for it to function. To avoid harassments of any sort, you could also choose not to enter a vanish mode chat with a user who has enabled it.

Reporting a vanish mode chat will hold the disappearing message from doing its thing for up to an hour further. This will give Facebook time to investigate your report and claims and decide on what they want to do about it.

How to Enable Vanish Mode

The vanish mode is being launched on Facebook messenger and Instagram in only a handful of regions. It’s a new feature, the more reason it might take a while before it gets a full-scale release.

U.S, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Argentina, Chile are among the few countries to have the Messenger and Instagram Vanish mode. If you are very excited about this feature and can’t wait to test it, you could always try it out with the original creators (Snapchat).

Here is How to Enable Vanish Mode on Instagram and FB Messenger

When you’ve confirmed that it’s now available in your region, update the Instagram and Facebook Messenger app on your device. For this trick to work, the Messenger or Instagram app on both sides of the chat or conversation (sender’s and receiver’s) must be up to date.

To enable vanish mode while chatting on Messenger or Instagram, just swipe up while messaging.

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Alternatively On Messenger

  • Tap on the icon that looks like a pencil engraved in a square at the top right corner.
  • Select the option “Secret” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the friend you want to have a vanishing conversation with.
  • Type your message.
  • Set how long you want the message to be visible by using the timer.
  • Send your message and hope the person does not hate the vanishing message concept.


  • Open Instagram DM.
  • Choose a person to message and swipe up on the chat screen.
  • The chat screen turns black meaning you are now in vanishing mode.
  • Compose your message and specify how you want the vanishing mode to operate. You could choose among “View Once”, “Allow Replay” or “Keep in Chat”.


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