Brunning Method – Boiling a Protein as Stock

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Brunning – Boiling a protein as stockEvery body might think he or she can be able to boil a protein until it’s served and you find out that it’s either extremely tasty or tasteless or very strong. There are different timings to a different protein and there are various ways to prepare this protein as a stock.


You might want to use fish in your food, and we all know how soft fish is, so you don’t use the timing for meat to boil fish. Or else it might burn or become too soft. I know you were expecting me to give you a particular time but you know what I don’t know what you use to cook the food, either gas, stove, or firewood and also it depends on the part of the animal used. Some animal parts are even softer than the fish which is considered to be the softest. So, the harder the part, the longer you boil and the softer the part, the shorter you boil. Just make sure that your meat isn’t raw and strong to eat.

There are Two Brunning Method and I’ll like to take you through them.

  1. Soak your chicken or turkey particularly in adequate warm water with cubes of knots and leave for 10 minutes. This will enable the chicken to have a better taste during preparation and consumption. You can boil it with the salt, Maggi, onion, and a little water.
  2. Or, if you are using anything more or apart from the chicken or turkey, wash the protein in clean water and put in an empty pot, add Maggi, salt, onion. Add curry and thyme if not being used for soup. Add almost no water and turn. Allow it for 5 minutes before boiling. This will make the spice get acquainted with the protein.

Hint: when boiling a combination of protein, remember to boil from the hardest to the softest. This I mean is that, if you’re using fish and meat, boil the meat before adding the fish so as not to over boil which might make it too soft than you wanted.

With this recipe, I can assure you a great taste of protein and it’s source. You can check out here on your various categories of rice.

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