How to make Egg sauce | Delicious Sauce Recipe

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Egg sauce – Egg is one major protein eaten by children and adults (but not healthy in adults because of the low digestion of food so must be consumed either little or nothing). It complements almost all carbohydrate foods e.g. Yam, Rice, Bread, Potato, Noodles, and pasta, etc. It can also be used in baking products e.g. cake, meat pie, pancake, chin-chin, and their numbers. This is a similar process to the fried egg.

egg sauce

Ingredients you need to prepare Egg Sauce

The ingredients are not worth the taste. I bet you’ll bit your fingers after this diet
• Egg- 2 large ones
• Fresh tomatoes – 3 medium sizes
• Onion- 1 medium
• Diced Pepper
• Vegetable oil- 1 cooking spoon
• Maggi and salt to taste

Necessary Tools for Preparing Egg Sauce

While cooking you need to learn the habit of making the necessary cooking utensil available to make your cooking snappy.
• Very important
• Small bowl
• Sauce Pan
• Cooking spoon
• Egg whisk
• Cooking Knife
• Chopping board
• Cooking gas or stove
• As well as your Apron

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Egg Sauce Recopies

After the few steps below you can now enjoy your white rice and egg sauce any time any day most especially when you don’t have enough time to prepare stew or fried rice.
• Break your eggs into a small bowl and whisk carefully
• Slice your onion, tomatoes and dice your pepper
• In a medium sauce pan, add your vegetable oil and pouring your onion, tomatoes, and pepper and allow to fry well
• Add the whisked egg into the frying sauce pan and allow to fry before turning it. While it is still frying, make sure you use the cooking spoon to unstick the egg that is stock to any part of the sauce pan to prevent it from burning.
• Sprinkle your seasoning to it and turn properly making the eggs scatter to create the sauce.
• This is mainly taken as breakfast.

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