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HappyCow is an online platform that provides a list of sources for vegan and vegetarian foods. Vegans are steady looking for cookbooks, recipes and life hacks that will help their love for veganism to improve their lives.


So HappyCow brings an easy way out from the every day “what do I eat” and “how do I prepare the meal” problems. Veganism on its own is a diet that has no meat, eggs, dairy products and all other ingredients derived from animals. This is why most vegans tend to stay away from foods processed with animal products like white sugar and some wines.

So How Does One Become A Vegan?

A vegan is any person that follows the veganism way of eating or dieting. In some way, the word “vegan” can also be used to describe a food item “This is a vegan curry “, or to describe a person as stated above.

Becoming a vegan on the long run is based on personal decision and dedication to a cause. Some people tend to make this switch from a point of view that goes “I want to eat healthier” while some make this decision from a certain “Love for animals”. Whichever thought process that has brought you to this article today, there isn’t some life hack or trick surrounding becoming a vegan. All you have to do is stop eating meats and dairy products.

You might choose to go outright with the switch to veganism or start as a vegetarian and at some point, you gently omit the eggs and process products.  While you struggle with your new commitment just know there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. But the internet is filled with tips on what worked for other people, use that as a stepping stone and work towards your goals to achieve why you are choosing to adopt a vegan diet.

How HappyCow Help Vegans

HappyCow from their profile was founded in 1999 and at the time was a way to assist travellers and residents as well to find plant-based / vegan options and healthy food. They have since then expanded into a brand. This brand is run by vegans, which validates their views on your healthy vegan lifestyle. Their staffs are both vegans and vegetarians inclusive.

It is a healthy online community that supports all vegans by bringing a list of vegan restaurants from all over the world. This way, if you find yourself in a new environment, you don’t have to starve to death because people in the locality do not understand what it means to be a vegan. You can access HappyCow at any time and gather info’s that best suit your present need.

HappyCow provides the original restaurant listings and their reviews so you don’t just blindly follow a listing. They also provide info on recipes, travel, health, and a variety of related topics. It is an ever-evolving online hub that you can use to your advantage.

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