Amazon Credit Card | Amazon Rewards Visa | How To Redeem Amazon Credit Card Points

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Amazon Credit Card – The largest online shopping platform “Amazon” now offers its users credit cards. Which are designed for both small and big business merchants, and other users to help them maximize rewards.

You can use the Amazon credit card anywhere that takes the visa card. Although the card doesn’t give you large earnings on every purchase. It offers every users 3% off on every purchase. The Amazon credit card is also referred to as the Amazon Rewards Visa, it sometimes comes with a sign up bonus.

amazon credit card

Different Types Of  Amazon credit cards 

With a lot of different credit cards provided by Amazon. Many Amazon users wonders which of them might be the best for them (they users). The different Amazon credit cards includes;

  1. Amazon prime reward visa signature card – issued by Chase.
  2. Amazon Rewards Visa signature card – issued by Chase.
  3. Amacom corporate credit line (revolving) – issued by synchrony bank.
  4. corporate credit line (pay-in-full) – issued by synchrony bank.
  5. store card – issued by synchrony bank.

The Amazon credit cards which are issued by Chase offers a purchase reward and do not charge an annual fee or a foreign transaction fee.

The best credit cards that best suits many Amazon users is the Amazon prime rewards visa signature card – This credit card gives 5% off of whole foods, 2% off on restaurant, gas stations, and drug stores, and 1% off on all other purchases on

The only set back on this credit card is that it is exclusive to its prime members. Using the Amazon prime reward visa signature card. There’s no foreign transaction fee and you can use it anywhere outside the U.S. without paying an extra fee.

How To Redeem Amazon Credit Card Points

The reward points for Amazon credit card points are worth 1cent each and can be redeemed for;

  • Amazon store credit card.
  • Amazon gift cards.
  • Amazon cash statements.
  • Amazon award travel.

It gives its users the great opportunity to save up money for future Amazon purchases. If you do a lot of shopping at, you need to have a rewards card for your shopping because it seems more attractive. For example; if you buy an item on for just $30, you will earn a 3% bonus which would become 90 points.

When you are approved for the credit card, Amazon gives you a $50 gift card, which has no foreign fees, no annual fees, and your points never expire.

Note: Every 100 points you get worths $1.

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