How to Organize Your Room: 10 Organizing Practical Sections and Cleaning Tips

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How to Organize Your Room– I know it might sound tedious but trust me, you will be feeling so much better after going through this.

Let’s Make Sections…

We should start by saying one thing; our room reflects a lot of how we’re feeling internally. If your mind is going through a lot or feels stressed, probably your room will have cloth, shoes, bags, etc all over the place. But in the event, all this may be true, sometimes you just don´t have time to organize your room.

How to Organize Your Room

For this reason, I want to share with you some ideas on how to organize your room.

The key to how to organize your room is by keeping everything in a designated area. Not to mention that it will also educate your mind to put the things where they belong.

Sections to Start with In Organizing Your Room

  • 1st Section – Your Bed

This is your focal point. If your bed looks clean and organized, you will definitely want to have the rest of the room clean and organized as well.

Keep your bed clutter-free. Unlike the rest of the rooms, this is where we sleep or where we have some rest to recover and keep up with our lives.

Therefore instead of putting everything on top of your bed, you need to have a “Dump Bin”. Just add a basket or bin on your room floor, so when you bring different kinds of stuff from the outside or just an outfit that didn’t go as you planned in your mind (don’t worry, we all have been there) put it in here! This basket will replace that poor little chair in the corner that handles all this heavy work.

You can pick up the stuff from this basket at the end of the day or during the weekend. Whenever you can take the time to clean. In the meantime, if you need anything from this basket, just go there and grab it. You won’t have to go through to your mind trying to remember where you put it.

  • 2nd Section – Under Your Bed.

Never underestimate a good place for storage. After all, no one should be snooping around here. The idea of how to organize your room is making things simple and by saving some space we will be earning a lot.

Our room has a mix of things in it. Sometimes it becomes our home office, our walking closet, the storage room, you name it.

You can easily store under your bed important papers, receipts, crafting materials, shoes or bedding cloth. You only need the proper container. Here are some great ideas for this.

  • 3rd Section – Drawers.

You might be surprised by how many things you can save in here with the proper organization.

With this in mind, we need to get the best time and space-saving tool, The Drawer Dividers/Organizer! These small bins or dividers are great to keep everything tight. It’s so much easier to see things and have everything organized in a single place.

There are so many different bins or dividers that you can choose to actually match with your decoration. It doesn’t have to be boring or ugly, you can add your personal touch to this.

4th Section – “Laundry Area”

We’re trying to save some space so this Laundry Area shouldn’t be more than a Laundry Basket. With all the options available, you can make this look like it’s part of your room decoration but functional.

  • 5th Section –  Trash Can Area.

This is very important so you don’t keep putting garbage in your drawers or your pockets. I strongly suggest not to throw anything wet stuff in here, because as a result, you might end having a super bad odor and we don’t want that in your “sleeping sanctuary”.

  • 6th Section – Nightstand

Lastly, we can’t forget this very important area. It so easy just to put everything here and say, “I’ll put it away in a moment” you know that’s NEVER going to happen!

My recommendation is to have some small trays on top of your nightstand. If you need to move things around, you will be able to pick up the tray and take things where they belong.

Definitely, keep only the essentials here like your phone, a book, and a lamp. Every single person essentials are different but try not to keep more than 3 or 4 things.

Don’t forget to pack all your charging cables in a small bag and put inside of your nightstand drawer.

If you feel a little bit more creative, you can make your own charging station.

Cleaning Tips for How to Organize Your Room

  • Keep your room declutter free. Before you can implement all these previous sections we talked about today, you must start by collecting all the different items from all the different areas in your room. Grab some baskets or boxes and start sorting things out. These baskets can also be labeled by sections.
  • Don’t worry if the boxes look a little bit messy because the next step we will be working on is, Declutter. Once you have all your baskets from different sections, you can start selecting things that you will no longer need and things that you want to keep. Make sure to designate an area for your trash can, so you can start throwing away everything that you don’t need.
  •  Move the baskets or boxes to their designated area, for example, closet, bathroom, vanity and start organizing and putting things in a pile or in the basket itself. Somewhere that it would be easy to put away when you’re ready. You can also store things that you no need at the moment. Clean things first and save them in a different box. These are the items that you want to keep but you don’t want to display right now.
  • Clean or dust all your surfaces and inside of your drawers.
  • Finally, after all the cleaning and your hard work, you can put things back where they belong. This is the rewarding part because this room starts looking like your room again!
  • While you’re organizing everything again, be conscious of how are you going to access the items and how often you will be using them.

For the most part, a personal tip before you start to organize your room:

  • Make sure to set up a good time to do it, don’t rush things out. You can help your self with a great playlist to keep the spirit up!

I hope all these tips and recommendations help you to answer any question you might have about how to organize your room.

If you have any doubts don’t be shy and let me know in the comments section below.

Keep it Organized!

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