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Zoosk Phone Number – Zoosk online dating service, founded in 2007 helps users to find their perfect match. It does this by using algorithms to recommend partners to users.

Basically, it recommends partners to you based on your activities and data registered on the platform. It also has a Photo Verification service that makes sure users post a recent picture of themselves thereby making it hard for scams and frauds to be successful on its site.

zoosk phone number

It has a mobile app for Android and IOS users. To access Zoosk via your computer, you will have to visit its website.  

Zoosk Customer Service

Zoosk customer service is here to help you with any help you need while using its services. They are very easy to reach and they operate in 25 different languages.

To contact Zoosk, all you need do is to navigate to their support webpage. Open your web browser and type www.zoosk.com/contactinfo.

 Zoosk page is easy to get around in. You can now proceed to inform Zoom of the issue you are currently experiencing while using their service.

This process might seem too slow for you. Need a faster method to contact Zoosk customer service? Try out their mobile number. Keep reading to know how to reach Zoosk via their phone number.

Zoosk Phone Number

Zoosk’s phone number is only functional from Monday to Friday during working hours (9 am – 5 pm PST). This means you can only contact Zoosk via their mobile numbers in the given set time above. Anything outside that time range will definitely not yield any results.

Zoosk has particularly one phone number that can be used to contact them.

Zoosk Toll Free Phone Number: 888-939-675.

The next mobile number is the second option for contacting Zoom, Zoosk’s billing department; 415-728-9574.

Like contacting any customer care line, when you call Zoosk’s phone number you have to wait for some time before you get redirected to an agent.

Contacting Zoosk via their Phone Number

Immediately you opt-in to call Zoosk via any of the mobile numbers above, you should be ready to wait an average of 20-25 minutes, at worse, 45 minutes.

To reduce the time you spent before being redirected to a Zoosk agent; Call Zoosk with a mobile number linked to your Zoosk account.

Special Tip: On the call and you’ve not gotten redirected to an agent yet. Press 1 then 5and proceed to follow the prompts. Zoosk customer service is the best of any online dating service. It might be difficult to reach them at first but you would surely get a fix to any issue(s) once you successfully reach them.

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