How to Contact Facebook Directly | 4 Ways to Contact Facebook Fast & Directly

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Have you ever had a problem or question on Facebook and you’ve had to ask the question “how do I contact Facebook directly”? There are about 3 billion Facebook users, less or more. This social media network is filled with almost half the world’s internet users.

But being on Facebook comes with a lot of issues and problems you might need to contact Facebook about. One way or the other, Facebook users are always bound to need Facebook’s help while navigating and using the network.

how to contact facebook directly

Asking any of these users the question above might not really puff out any solutions or answers. I mean it’s really hard to contact Facebook directly, really really hard.

This guide is going to enlighten you on some tested tips on how to contact Facebook directly.

4 Ways To Contact Facebook Fast and Direct

Keep reading to find out how to contact Facebook directly. You could skip to option 4 if you are really in a haste.

1. Contacting Facebook About a Problem – Report to Facebook

Sometimes while strolling on Facebook’s beautiful streets, you will come across some things you are not okay with. How do you report this to Facebook?

For every post, comment, profile, page, group e.t.c on Facebook, there is always a (…) icon located beside them. To contact Facebook about an activity you don’t like on Facebook, you have to locate that three doted icon just beside the activity and click on it.

i.e The three doted icons are always at the top right corner of any Facebook post. For Facebook profiles, you would find the three doted icon just below the Facebook profile name and bio.

Once you click on the icon, select “Give Feedback” or “Report” from the next list of options. Now specify how the Facebook activity offends you. Adhere to Facebook’s prompt to finalize the process.

2. Facebook Help Centre

Facebook has a help center dedicated to helping Facebook users regarding any questions or issues they have. Open a web browser on your device and type

Login to your Facebook account and if you are already signed in, choose from the options provided what you want to solve. There is a search tab at the top, which could just make everything easier.

The Facebook help center has different sections ranging from Reporting accounts, Ads, Business, Friends, and so on. Just click on any section that describes what your issue with Facebook currently is.

3. Facebook Community Centre

If going to the Facebook help center doesn’t solve the question or problem at hand, then you should try out the Facebook community center. Here you would find different questions and problems Facebook users have encountered while using Facebook.

The questions and issues you might come across here all have their answers and solutions. So all you need to do is find a question that describes what you are currently Facing with Facebook.

Once you do click on it and follow the prompts thereafter. Here you would get advice and tips on what to do regarding anything you are experiencing while using Facebook.

4. Facebook Phone Number

Facebook also has a mobile number. You could directly contact Facebook fast and easily.

Facebook Customer Support: +1-866-380-3888.

Facebook Customer Care: +1-866-216-7161.

According to most Facebook users the first number (Facebook customer support) works better.

Hint: When calling Facebook via their phone number, do it in the morning using U.S time zones. Also, use the Facebook mobile number you used in creating your Facebook account to contact Facebook via their phone numbers.

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