Zoom Escaper, A Good way to avoid Zoom Meetings

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Looking for the best way to get yourself out of a long meeting most especially when it boring, not to worry much because your problem would be solved shortly with the knowledge of zoom escaper. With zoom escaper, you can remove yourself from any long meeting on zoom.

This new app is really good at its work and has saved a lot of persons from boring meetings.

Zoom Escaper, A Good way to avoid Zoom Meetings

If you interested in knowing more about zoom escaper, kindly read further

 Description Zoom Escaper

Zoom Escaper is an online app that records different sounds in other to interrupt Zoom meetings. This app was developed by an artist and educator named SAM LAVIGNE

The app comes with a sound effect of echoes, bad connections, wind, crying child, and construction. All of these sounds were set up to help interrupt any meeting you have no interest in and once any of the sounds is been activated the meeting members will begin to hear such sounds like it’s in real life.

With these unpleasant sounds activated on your zoom meeting, you can leave the meeting using the sound as an excuse or buy you valuable time.

It takes only a few steps to get all these down ranging from the downloading to the setting up of the app.

How to Zoom Escaper

Firstly, the zoom escaper is not available on any of the stores, so you can download the app on Sam Lavigne’s site only.

Once you have download the app from the available site then you can start the setup.  Here are few things to do.

  • Tab on Enable Microphone
  • Download and install VB-Cable
  • Refresh the website
  • Click the start button

Once these first steps are carried out, you are now eligible to use this app. To use the app in a zoom meeting, kindly follow the steps below

  • Switch audio output on the website page to VB-Cable
  • In zoom, set the microphone to VB-Cable

Putting off the zoom microphone to your pc mic means you can turn off the app at any time. But be very careful when attempting this so you don’t get caught.

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