You Can Now Make Voice and Video Calls From WhatsApp Using your pc

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WhatsApp announces the ability to place voice and video calls using its desktop apps with end-to-end encryption.

Long before now, you have only be allowed to make voice and video calls through your mobile phone but starting from to you can now carry out same action on your pc.

You Can Now Make Voice and Video Calls From WhatsApp Using your pc

With this new change in the work area application, you would now be able to call your contacts directly from the WhatsApp for Windows or Mac application on your PC. You don’t have to introduce any additional items or anything like that to utilize this element; the element is incorporated directly into the actual application.

WhatsApp really brought this element for certain clients toward the end of last year, notwithstanding, it wasn’t accessible for the mass public. This is not true anymore and now everybody approaches this element.

For the present, the application just allows you to put calls with each individual in turn. Gathering calls aren’t accessible yet, be that as it may, WhatsApp has said it’ll be bringing this element very soon.

How to Make use of WhatsApp video and voice call on your pc

Before you can be eligible to place a call on WhatsApp using your pc, you will have to need WhatsApp for windows or mac installed on your pc.  After which you can log in to your WhatsApp account by scanning the QR code on your desktop using your phone WhatsApp app.

With this new feature, you presently don’t have to get to your Android or iOS cell phone to settle on WhatsApp decisions. You can put your calls from inside the WhatsApp application on your PC.

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