WhatsApp avatar stickers | Create WhatsApp Avatar Sticker

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This article will show you how to make your own WhatsApp avatar stickers using an app called Sticker Maker (Android) or Sticker Maker Studio (iPhone). Yes, the apps have different names, they are very much the same on both platforms. All you’ll need before using the app are three different pictures you want to turn into stickers.7

WhatsApp avatar stickers

1. Open the App Store or the Play Store on Google

On one of your home screens, in the app drawer, or by looking, you can see one of these icons.

2. Look for the Google Play Store search bar at the top of the page and the App Store search tab at the bottom of your screen.

While the search results appear when you type them, you want to enter the full name and click the search key or enter the key on the keyboard.

3. Tap a search result matching what you’ve asked for.

Viko&Co (Google Play Store) and Tamara Vardanyan are creating and offering the software (App Store).

4 Sticker Maker Studio (App Store) or Sticker Maker (Android). 

This app icon looks like a white pencil icon on a piece of paper, and you can find it in the app drawer, on one of your home screens, or by looking.

5 Create a new pack of stickers.

After you open the app, you will see this on the main screen and allow rights to access and edit your storage.

6 Enter your sticker pack’s name and author.

You’re going to want to name all of these things, so you’re not going to forget what you’ve added inside.

7. Tap on a box that’s blank.

In order to make stickers, this will allow you to add photos.

8 To tap “Take a photo”, open a gallery, or pick a file.

To take your sticker off, you’ll need an image, so pick where your image is placed. You will most likely need to grant the app permission depending on which choice you select.

9. To outline the part of the picture you want to use as a sticker, use your finger to outline it.

To be able to draw in greater detail, you can pinch to zoom.

  • “You can rotate the image using the icons at the bottom of your screen, select the entire image, select the main focus subject smartly, and select “Freehand.
  • You’ll see a glimpse of your chosen picture when you attach the end of your cutout to the beginning. You can tap “Try Again.” if you don’t like your sticker range.
  • By clicking the buttons in the top-right corner, you can add text and an outline to your sticker.

10 Press the Save Sticker button.

In the bottom-right corner of your screen, you will see this green button.

  • You will continue to tap blank boxes and repeat the steps to pick an image, select a part of the image sticker, and save the sticker until all the blank boxes are complete.
  • You’ll need to make at least 3 stickers in order to add these stickers to WhatsApp.

11 Tap “Add to WhatsApp”.

In the bottom-right corner of your screen, you will see this green button.

  • For clarification, tap Add again.
  • Open a chat in the app to find your WhatsApp stickers, then tap the smiley face icon in the bar you want to write text in. In the lower center of the frame, you’ll see another sticky-note icon that will open your stickers. You can see your created stickers on the sticker pack selection menu.

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