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Web.xender.com – Xender was created in 2011 by a Chinese Tech company named Xender Digital Technology Private Limited founded by Peter Jiang. It has over a 100 million download on the Google Play Store as it’s at the top of its chain when it comes to file sharing on mobile devices beating the like of Google File Share, SHAREit, SilFer, and so on.

Xender’s app which was also released in 2011, can be used to share files like videos, mp3s, docs, images, and even apps like itself. Its interface makes the app so simple to use but that is not the only trick this app was developed for.

xender web

Xender Web

Xender was developed to make file transfer easy and to kill the need of Bluetooth connections, USB cables, mobile internet or PC connection to transfer files. So is Xender Web, this is basically Xender for PC.

The Xender app is only available for mobile devices such as Android, IOS, Windows phones, and so on thus to use Xender on PC, you need Xender web. However, it has a different interface from that on mobile devices making it not so simple to use and get around in. Just stick to this guide and you’ll be fine.

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How to Use Xender Web

Using Xender web literarily has to be done through the Xender app. This means you will have to connect your device to your PC through Xender.

Before trying out the steps below, make sure to update the android app on your mobile device.

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How to Connect Android Device to Xender

  • Open the Xender app on your device.
  • Tap on the “+” sign at the top left corner then select “Connect PC”. Older versions of Xender instead might require you to tap on your profile picture icon at the top left corner then select “Connect to PC”.
  • On the PC, you are connecting to, open a web browser and type in http://web.xender.com.
  • A bar code will show on your PC’s screen which you will scan into the box in your Android device by tapping on “Scan” on your Android device screen.
  • After the scan is completed, Xender would get activated on your PC’s screen thus you are now connected to the Xender web.

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How to Connect IOS Device to Xender

  • Open the Xender app on your device.
  • Tap on the “+” sign at the top right corner or the Profile picture icon at the top right corner.
  • Then select “Connect PC”.
  • On your PC, open a web browser and type in http://web.xender.com.
  • On your device, tap on “Scan”. Then proceed to scan the Barcode on your PC screen into the box on your Android device.
  • Complete the scan thus connecting you to the Xender web.

More Tips On Using Xender Web

Xender web connects mobile devices to PCs. This eliminates the need for USB cables to transfer files from PC to phone. With Xender web you can transfer files from both devices connected either way.

The only downside of using the Xender web is that it works on an Internet connection. However, it has an offline mode that can be used to transfer large files.

Once connected, on the PC’s screen if it is your first time using Xender web; Xender will give you a quick tour of how Xender web works. On the tab at the left, there are different sections of your connected mobile device’s file including images, videos, music, and so on.

Select any file and click on the downward-facing arrow at the top to transfer any file to PC. Click on “Upload File” to select a file from your PC to transfer to a mobile device.

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