Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace – Selling on Marketplace

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Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms which is widely known to most of its users as a place where you connect with other people, family and friends on a social basis.

Over recent years, the popular social platform, Facebook has seen new advancements making it not just a means to socialize with other users but stretching into online commerce known as Facebook Marketplace.

Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace -  Selling on Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a destination on the social platform that helps users buy, sell and discover items that other users within their community or as far as other users all over the world have listed for sale. It started as Facebook groups where items are bought and sold but it has now substantially developed into a section of its own on the social media platform.

It has over 450 million Facebook users who visit this feature to buy or sell items within and around their locale or even across the world at large. Marketplace from a seller’s point of view serves as a new home for these sellers to display items they are prepared to wave goodbye and from a buyer’s point of view, it is a convenient and easier way of finding things or items that they will love to own.

How To Sell Items On Facebook Marketplace

Firstly, it should be noted that every potential buyer or seller of any items must own a Facebook account in order to post a listing or purchase and item as the case may be. Facebook Marketplace is a feature on the Facebook platform so accessing the Marketplace would require the person to have an existing account to enable buying or selling of items. Here are the easy steps to selling items on Facebook Marketplace;

  1. Go to to login your Facebook account
  2. Click on “Marketplace” on your news feed. It is located on the left side of your page.
  3. Click “Sell Something” to list items you will like to sell
  4. Go to “Categories” click and select the type of event your are hosting. This gives potential buyers an idea of what to expect from your listing
  5. Go to “What are you selling” to create a description of items you will like to put up for sale.
  6. Click on the photo icon to add photos of items and your sale location.
  7. Click “Next” then “Post”. Thanks allows you share your items listed to interested buyers on different pages in locations near you or all the way across the world.

The Facebook Marketplace is a platform on which users of Facebook can post and share items up for sale as well as buy these items or explore to discover what items are up for sale. Marketplace has an in-built location app that allow users to navigate through several regions they are looking to check for various listings that suits their needs.

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