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Facebook Marketplace Ads- Facebook has rolled out a stream of features that has been keeping the app up to date with the speed at which technological and social networking has been moving forward. The social media platform is no longer just a place where you connect with other users but is also now a place where you can engage in online business and marketing.

facebook marketplace ads

Facebook Ads Guide

Facebook introduces an online marketing platform where buying and selling of items take place and is definitely a competition for other online platforms for buying and selling such as Craigslist, eBay or Gumtree, its reference is “the Facebook Marketplace”. Marketplace is a feature on Facebook where items or listings display for interested users to place orders. However, items to buy mostly transact through Facebook Messenger because the Marketplace has no “Buy Now” button like it’s other competitors.

But this is seen to be unique as it favors the working relationship between both parties. The one on one conversation between the buyer and the seller helps to build a trustworthy business relationship especially when the seller is very responsive and has earned the bad saying so on their Marketplace. Therefore, this online marketing platform has proven to be a good initiative by Facebook also, it allows for a better reach to advertising or promotes your items within a location near you and those far away.

How to Advertise in Facebook Marketplace

Advertising is one major key in online marketing in general and definitely on Facebook as this helps to create awareness to larger audience in a shorter time compared to just posting the item up for sale. For this reason, Facebook has a feature on Marketplace which allows an average user or seller of items pay to promote their listings to more via the Newsfeed. This is the only aspect of Facebook Marketplace that is not free as joining the Marketplace and putting items up for sale is free. However, users may not necessarily use the Marketplace Ads but you stand a better chance of your listing reaching a larger pool of audience if you patronize the Facebook Marketplace Ads.

Advertising Marketplace on Facebook

Facebook Marketplace Ads auto-optimizes by Facebook which means that when people click on your advertisement. Facebook also shows the ad campaign to other people of a similar group. The optimization also allows the ad campaign to automatically pause when the seller marks the item that advertises as “Sold”.

Facebook Marketplace Ads helps to boost the number of people being shown the item you put up for sale. This is most helpful when you intend to sell items as quickly as possible as you guarantee a better reach of the target audience than users who just share items in groups or not using the Facebook Marketplace Ads.

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