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Search Marketplace Facebook – Facebook is one of the biggest player if not the biggest player in the social media businesses it is well recognized and literally used in day to day lives of billions of people all over the world to connect with family and friends.

Yes! This is what we primarily know Facebook for but Facebook is not just a social media platform anymore as it has ventured into an online marketing business is a feature of the social media app officially known as Facebook Marketplace.

The Marketplace is a destination on Facebook where buying and selling of items occur. It was developed as a business extension by the social media platform, Facebook. The Marketplace announced in 2016, came about through the knowledge that there are existing groups on the platform for buying and selling so Marketplace was an initiative that took Facebook to a whole new level as an online marketing platform.

Search Marketplace Facebook Local -  Marketplace Buy and Sell

How To Search Marketplace On Facebook

There are different methods of finding listings or items to buy on Facebook Marketplace. Some of these methods are;

  • Search Facebook Marketplace: you can simply use the search bar located at the top of your main Facebook Marketplace page to find items and services to explore in all categories.
  • Explore featured listings: Using a web browser or the official Facebook app to access Facebook Marketplace, a screen showcasing a variety of featured items for sale will be the first thing that pops on your screen. Click on any of these items to go directly to their listing. You can also click “See All” which is right next to the items category name to see similar items.
  • Browse Facebook Marketplace Categories: On the lower-left menu of the Facebook Marketplace is a section called Categories. To see categories and sub-categories contained in the menu click on any of the links under the header “Categories”. For example, clicking Electronics will load a variety of related listings to the right of the menu and reveal the Mobile Phones and Electronics & Computers sub-categories on the left menu.
  • Detailed Marketplace Search: On the left side of the screen, down the middle of the menu are text fields to input search on Price and Location. Enter your actual search preferences into these provided fields to automatically filter the showcased listing to your preference.

The above-highlighted sub-topics on how to search Marketplace on Facebook are to help you explore the Marketplace better in order to get the best listing in and around your location and other places at large.

Facebook Marketplace makes use of the same account as the main Facebook website and application, so as a Facebook account owner, there is no need to create a new account for buying or selling items.

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