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Rapidshare.com is an online file hosting service that was founded by “Christian Schmidt” in the year 2002, 27th may precisely. The website was among the top 20 most visited websites all over the world. Mostly because of its ability to access and share files for free.

Rapidshare.com is a one-click web hosting solution for the sharing of files with colleagues and business partners via a personal computer or a mobile device. You cannot use Rapidshare to access other things that other Rapidshare users had upload.

Some Things You Need to Know About Rapidshare

There are various downfalls when it comes to sharing files on Rapidshare.com. Some of these downfalls are;

  • User’s inability to access the Search feature: Rapidshare does not give its users the opportunity to search for files and share them with friends. This is because they have a personal sharing feature. To search for a file on Rapidshare.com, you have to rely on third-party search services to be able to find the files you are looking for. Making use of a third-party search service is not advisable because the files are not secured and could be easily intercepted.
  • Difficulty downloading a file via Rapidshare.com: Many users complain about the difficulty they experience while downloading a file on Rapidshare.com. Rapidshare wants you to pay for its premium services before you could access certain unique features. Features like downloading a large file, and other annoying things associated with Rapidshare’s website. However before you can download a file, you have to: first of all, get a third party app downloader and you know it is not secured at all.
  • Password Protect : Unlike Dropbox, DropSend, wiki send, and so on, Rapidshare does not give its users the feature of protecting their files with a password.

Rapidshare.com provides an easy way to share varieties of files of different sizes via a user’s personal computer or a mobile device.

The application has its website headquarters at Schochenmuh Lestrasse 6, 6340 Baar, Switzerland.

Is Rapidshare Down for you???

Complaining about Rapidshare, the app is not just down for you alone. But for every individual or business enterprise that uses the website. For some time now the website has not been responding to the needs of its users. This has made so many users complain and as such tagged the website a scam.

If Rapidshare.com is down for each of its users, then I don’t think there’s anything any of its users can do. It’s either you relax and wait for the site to re-open or you can try making use of other online file-sharing websites.If what you want to share is very important and has a time limit.

Just last week, someone checked Rapidshare.com website status history and discover that the blue bar UN the status bar which displays the response time of the site has been empty for some time. This means that the service was bad and the site is automatically offline for now.

It would have been better if the bar displayed a little of the blue signal to show that it has not been shut down.

However, there is a high possibility that the website might be unreachable for the moment because of a network problem and probably they are fixing it up for better use for users.

Rapidshare File uploads

Uploading a file on Rapidshare Is easy and works faster. To upload a file or files, simply do the following things below;

  1. Visit Rapidshare.com.
  2. Click on the Browse button.
  3. Search for a file you would like to upload to Rapidshare.
  4. Select the file.
  5. Click the “upload” button.

Your file has been successfully uploaded, you will receive a download link and a delete link. The download link is used to download the uploaded file and can be used up to 10times after which to set up an account. The account you wish to set up may either be;

  • Collections account – this account is free of charge and you can earn points towards deleted rewards.
  • Premium account – it is not free of charge.

The delete link helps to cancel or terminate the link Off. In case you feel you don’t want to share the files online.  You will also get an option to email a colleague, you file download link from the page.

Note: Rapidshare.com supports third-party apps for sharing and searching for files and as such cannot be trusted.

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